Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've been trying to work more mindfully, more hours, more often on the cast glass. I'm still a long ways from having any body of work done to the point that I can look for placement. And I've made at least one decision about who to approach with the boxes. None of the galleries that already carry my work.

I am going to approach a particular gallery in Los Angeles, one that I had an opportunity to send a few things to ten years or so ago and let it slip through my fingers, even though they are not a 'glass' gallery. In fact they specialize in turned wood, small intensely worked pieces. Beautiful pieces. They do handle a few artists that do not work in wood and I think the boxes, at least, would be a very good fit.

Anyway. The boxes are almost done (not done as in not making any more but done in that when I finish the ones in process, I'll have enough to make a good showing) although there is at least one more I want to make that I haven't even started on.

So am I working on getting the last few details of the boxes done? No. I'm working on the small 4” square botanica erotica series. The first three are cast and cleaned up but haven't done the finish work yet. And I have the next three wax models made. I still haven't decided how I'm going to display them. I have several ideas I'm working with. Keep in mind that these are 4” x 4” x 1 1/4” - 1 1/2” thick.

One is to stack them up (glued together) like children's blocks.

Another is to set them individually or groups in a frame or shadowbox and hang on the wall.

Another is to just keep them as individual pieces that can be laid flat like a paperweight.

Or, back to the wall, affix a small french cleat on the backs and hang them up frameless in groups.

Here are the first three cast pieces (cleaned but not finished). The one with the purple petals is the one I showed in this post on filling the molds.

And these are the waxes for the next three.


  1. All very nice, I like the hibiscus best.

  2. Your talent is amazing. I don't think I could pick one to like the best - they are all so great.

    I hope that you are able to work something out with the LA gallery. They would be fools not to showcase your pieces.

  3. Somehow I see your boxes working well in a gallery specializing in woods. The two materials just seem complementary.

  4. What is it about boxes? They fascinate me. And yours, they are so utterly beautiful. I wish I was a rich girl. :-)

  5. Ooooh, these are lush and beautiful. I wonder how you will decide to present them.

    The LA gallery sounds like a good fit for your boxes; I bet they'll take them.

  6. I have really enjoyed watching this work progress - I think grouping them for wall displays sounds promising. I would want to be able to see them.

  7. They are so gorgeous. Keeping my fingers crossed that the L.A. gallery takes on your work.

  8. Those are fabulous! I like the idea of framing & mounting them (heh). Something that would make them stand out from the wall. They're too gorgeous to have as a block. Just my opinion :)

  9. Ellen, those casts are exquisite! I do hope Los Angeles is interested in your work.

  10. p.s. Hawthorne Gallery, here in Port Orford. Oregon, and in Big Sur. California, might be interested in displaying your glass.

  11. Oh my gosh, Ellen, they are stunning. I wouldn't separate them, they compliment each other so well. I can see them together on a long slim glass tray.

    And I would think this medium would be perfect for the L.A. gallery. They would be a wonderful contrast to the turned wood pieces, and both are of the earth. ;)


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