Saturday, September 24, 2011

things the rain brought

Last Saturday and Sunday it rained. And then on Monday we packed up and went to the city for the week.

I like home coming. The cat likes home coming. She bounds down out of the truck as soon as I open the door and then she makes herself scarce, coming in only to eat, maybe an hour or two in the evening and then she wants right back out.

Now that the weather is cooling off a little and it's amazing what a difference 10˚ makes when it still gets up to the low 90s˚ and you are thinking that it's nice out we've been opening the doors and turning off the AC til about 3 PM. I actually got out there and did a little weeding and grass pulling in part of one flower bed today. Still needs to done be earlier in the day though.

I guess you could say that's one thing the rain brought, some cooler temperatures.

I like coming home because all my stuff is here and although the bed there is comfortable, the real bed is here.

Knowing what bed I am in is important and as it happens, I have four 'beds'. Since I've been having a relationship with insomnia for at least part of about two or three nights a week for a couple of years now, I sleep on the couch a lot. Plus, I stay up later because I have found that, if I can stay up til midnight, I can usually sleep through til 7 or later. But staying up til midnight usually means sleeping on the couch til midnight. What can I say, it's a comfy couch.

So I need to know where I am when I wake up in the middle of the bed or couch, city bed or couch. Knowing what bed I am in tells me where the furniture is and in which direction lay the bathroom.

Seeing where I'm at in the city shouldn't be that big a deal considering the city's need to highly illuminate my block, especially right in front of my house but by then I'm usually trying to stay asleep so I open my eyes only as much as absolutely necessary.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with what the rain brought and I can tell you this...

absolutely nothing

But this does.

Once back home, we walk around the yard to see how things have fared in our absence.

These miniature amaryllis that pop up out of the ground unnoticed in the fall are always a delight.

The oxalis were not blooming when we left.

The pink and yellow rain lilies were blooming in Houston and I dug up some of them as we were leaving.

The little yellow ones I dug a small clump up out of an easement by a nearby street years ago and they have multiplied nicely. I have planted three little plugs around the country house and added more pink ones.

And we have a new resident in the turtle pond. Actually the rain didn't bring him, at least not last weekend's rain because I have heard him out there before, but today was the first time I have seen him, nestled in the pot of elephant ears. Eventually I annoyed him enough taking pictures that with one great leap, he jumped out of the pot, cleared the turtle pond altogether and landed in the space between it and the fence.

All righty then.

Haven't seen him since and have no idea how he found his way here in the first place.

A young bullfrog.


  1. i love the push nature gives itself after even a spot of rain! :)

  2. The rain did refreshed all these beautiful plants.

    I was amazed to see a surprise lily by the water garden...we have pink and red.

    I love the frogs in the pond, they add a true natural feel...and also the hunt for them amuses the dogs...they never catch one but have fun trying.

  3. Well, things are looking up. I do love that frog in the flower pot; I wish I had one here. Frogs fall silent sometime in early August, and then I don't hear them until February. What do they do in the meantime?

    Doesn't it suck to not be able to sleep? I wander between two beds almost every night, while my husband snores happily.

  4. "Since I've been having a relationship with insomnia" Ellen I swear when I first read that I saw the word "someone" instead of "insomnia." And then I read you were sleeping on the couch! OMG - I had to rub my eyes and reread it - and that's when I realized it said "insomnia."

    Skippy needs new glasses, y'think?

    Amazing what the rain brought you. So beautiful. Isn't it nice? We're ready for mums about now [yay!]

    Enjoy the cooler weather. I know we are!

  5. What gorgeous pictures!! Love the lily's!! And the Amaryllis is breathtaking!
    Have a great Sunday!

  6. gifts all gifts!!! i love the rain as much as the sun. each brings its own set of experiences - goodness being among them - to our own. steven

  7. The wonders of rain, and life. Just beautiful.

  8. However nice it is to go away, it is always so good to come back again - and what a welcome you received, these flowers are gorgeous!

  9. I love that last picture!

    I hear you about the couch. Sometimes I can be unable to stay awake, on the couch, so I go to bed and my eyes pop wide open. Weird.

  10. WOW see what a little drink of water will do! I love your new guy- all froggie and slick!

  11. There no place like home. Its surprising how things change in just one week while you are away.

  12. I forgot everything you shared and began to dance like a loon when I saw the bullfrog. I love them so much and haven't seen one in so long...

    Thanks for making my day!

  13. To me, there is nothing like coming home after a trip away. I suppose I find comfort in security. I don't even bother going to bed before 12. That's funny about how you sleep on the couch until midnight and then go to bed and sleep. I'm the very same.

  14. I just spotted some amaryllis in a vacant lot in Kemah this weekend. If I can remember, I'll take my tomorrow and take a photo on the way to work.

    I've noticed the slightly lower temps are bringing more blooms to the bougainvillea, oleander & such.

    Still - only .81" last week, and now we have a late September cold front with 100 degrees ahead of it and 90 behind? No wonder hay theft is on the increase.

  15. Cool shots. Wonder how long the bull frog took up residence in that pot. How funny. I guess it would be a nice little mini habitat and probably kept him safe from predators. And who knows some free meals may have landed on those leaves as well. Hum, he's starting to look pretty smart.

  16. Great pics! Those Amaryllis are gorgeous! So glad you got some rain.

  17. Congratulations. Looks like nature has relented and given you your colour back.

  18. Sounds like the hop of a champion...

  19. Mike wanders from the futon to the bed & back again throughout the night - I never know where he'll be when I get up in the morning.

    No matter where I am I have an innate sense of where the bathroom is - I never have to stumble around. I think it might be my superpower.

    Love the flowers!

  20. Wow!! these iridescent snaps made me fall in love with nature.. awesome :):)

  21. Frog medicine is very healing. Wow.

    A little bit of rain and the landscape tries to spring back. Does a good job of it, should say.

    Oh man I LOVE a good couch, one you can sleep on. In fact I'm looking now on Craigslist for such a couch for my living room. The couch I have is too short to stretch out on.

    Glad you're home. There's no place like it.

  22. Lovely photos. Its always nice to get home.

  23. I'm happy for you that the rains came and that it's cooler

    love the bullfrog!

    I have been struggling with insomnia for awhile now and have become best friends with my recliner

  24. Glory be, Ellen! Look at all the goodness you got from a nice drenching. I'll bet a lot of people in your neck of the woods marveled at that for quite some time.

    So happy to hear it cooled for you, too. And the insomnia stuff--I feel for you. I've got the same issue. Staying up late is a good strategy (I do it, too). But seven hours still is not enough for me! I guess it's better than three. ;)

  25. Oh, goodness, what lovely pictures--how I miss Colocasia.

    I wondered reading about your sleep problems whether changing beds so often has much effect on insomnia one way or another. I know I suffer from it a lot, and I'm in the same bed every night.


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