Sunday, September 4, 2011

life goes on

I've been trying to catch up with everybody's blogs today as I've been a little preoccupied lately. I hate it when I get obsessed with the train wreck we call our political system. I've got one more bone to pick (not today though) and then I'll put my head back in the sand.

Railing against the machine isn't all I've been doing though. I've been trying to get my marketing efforts back on track, looking for data bases and adding new names to my newsletter email list every day.

I've also started to write my book about our pate de verre work and technique. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the idea, so outline completed, I'm trying to work on the text every day.

The weather is finally starting to cool off some to the point that it's downright pleasant in the mornings and evenings even though it is still getting into the 90s every day. But the 90s is not triple digits and so the molds I filled last week are now in the kiln (currently at 1025˚). And I've started on the models for the next group of three 4” square 'botanica erotica' pieces.

It's very windy today and hazy, almost overcast even; the only effect we're getting from tropical storm Lee. Would that some of that rain would fall on us. It's like there is some kind of huge invisible deflector out there that is pushing every hope of rain away from us.

It's been an exceptionally windy summer this year and while we always get nice breezes from the open fields around us, this summer it's been a near constant hot dry desert wind which sucks out every drop of moisture that the unrelenting sun may have left behind.

Can you guess where the drain field to our septic system is?

I have the door to the little back yard open today. It has one of those glass storm doors with a panel that can be raised so that it functions as a screen as well. It's the first day in about two months that I've been able to have it open (the door, not the screen panel) without having the heat radiating in through it. I have sorely missed the daily show that centers around the turtle pond and birdbath.

I looked out earlier today to see that the red shouldered hawk was perched on the gate to the little back yard and peering intently into the turtle pond. I got my camera and tried to get close enough to the door to take a picture but as soon as I got within 3 feet of it, he snapped his head around and looked straight at me. I froze until he looked back at the turtle pond and then tried to creep a little closer. Snap! That head came around and he looked right at me again. Then he gave a little leap, spread his wings and flew off to the tree line.

That's the second time I have seen him on the fence near the turtle pond. I'm thinking maybe he's interested in having some goldfish for dinner. Yesterday he was in the pine tree in my neighbor's back yard calling loudly.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I'm still doing this.


  1. pecans?

    our red-shoulder has been hanging around our pond too. don't know if he's hunting or just hanging near water...

  2. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how cool it was and she asked what did I mean because it was 95 degrees out, and I told her compared with 110, 95 is cool. It's all relative.

  3. Pecans look plump and delicious, though a bit messy to clean up. It will cool off soon enough, and we'll complain about the coolness, the wind, the rain.
    Oh yes, and too much work too.
    Heck, enjoy what you got today.

  4. Ellen- You must be exhausted--you've got her hands quite literally into everything these days. But good for you. The book is a wonderful idea. Day by day...

    I hope the sky above sends a good dosing of moisture your way soon. :)

  5. Writing a book! How awesome... I see the pecans still not playing nice. Hm... I'm delinquent on blog comments too, but what can you do? Just take it one moment at the time...

  6. I go in fits and spurts with our politics, usually focusing on it toward election time. I'm still not convinced it's worth anything to be informed about it, except to give me something to talk about. Bleh.

    I'm glad to hear it is only as hot as it's been here all summer. Yikes. Cool mornings and evenings are at least something. I hope you have autumn soon.

  7. You certainly have a lot on your plate...salt and enjoy!

  8. Looks like life just goes on. so long as it's not on and on and on. . ., that's good; It all depends on the tone of voice.

    At least you're busy doing what you like.

  9. Great to catch up on your blog - the double bat mitzvah looked wonderful. Congratulations to the two of them!

  10. Fun thoughts to share. Hawks don't pose when they see you looking and are hard to get a good photo.

  11. It's in the 60s here. Not bragging - it's too cool too soon for me! HOWEVER, it does beat 95.

  12. Yes, cool in Texas, finally. Don't you feel a little like Rip Van Winkle, coming out after being in some sort of head-induced trance? Only to find that everything has been seared away all around you? At least that's the way it looks out West. Glad we have all endured long enough to tell about it - it is good to be here again. EFH

  13. I am happy life goes on. A new day is always a good thing to see and usually is filled with something new.

    You and the nuts. LOL - I don't mean to laugh, but they are a never ending battle, aren't they. poor thing.

    When our dachshunds were puppies [we used to have 2] we had to keep an eye on them when they were on the back porch because the hawks would sit in the trees and watch them. I was always afraid they would swoop down and snatch one. Not such a problem now that Spottie is 18 lbs. I still would hate to lose goldfish tho'.

  14. My grannie used to send me pecans from her plac in Tulare, CA. I miss them and I MISS her. YAY about your book, Ellen. I a glad you are still doing it.

  15. Before I lived in DC I was so into the political scene, but living here, I realize that I can form opinions but basically I don't have a clue what's going on down the street. Now I try to think of other things.

    Hawks and other large raptors are magnificent. Funny to think of one hunting for goldfish.

    As always, I wish for you: RAIN. We've had three solid days of rain here in DC.


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