Thursday, September 15, 2011

R is for...

Before too much time has passed, I want to thank everyone who commented on 'an unpopular position'. Just...thank you.

R is for...rituals, reckless, reality, river, reincarnation, rubbers

I could do my R post on rivers but I've already written so much about being on the river.

I thought about writing on reincarnation, which I subscribe to, but I'm not feeling especially esoteric right now.

And I thought about writing about the most reckless thing I ever did, which was to take some pills that I didn't know what they were that my date gave me which knocked me out for about 18 hours which freaked out my roommate at college because she couldn't wake me up and made everyone think I had tried to commit suicide because I had just been kicked out of school. Whew! I hadn't, tried to commit suicide that is, but I was lucky to have woken up just the same. But that's just one part of a much longer story.

I could write about my concept of reality, which is that this is all just a figment of our collective imagination and thought is energy and energy manifests. But you all probably know all about that already.

Or I could write about my disconnect with rituals except that would bore even me.

Lastly I thought of doing a post on my friend's amazing condom collection but I was sort of grasping at straws using the slang term. So I decided I'd rather just do a post on it separate. So watch this space...

Then I racked my brain for some kind of 'R' connection, some word that would set me off on a memory or idea or something! Nope, nada, zip.

And it's holding me up cause I've got a great one for 'V'.

So this is my R post.

R is for all of the above.

If you're new around here and want to read the rest of the alphabet posts, there's a link on my sidebar.


  1. LOL - you're a nut :) I'm interested in all those other stories though - so don't forget to write them.

    I'm planning on doing the ABC's of Thanksgiving - I'd better start thinking about all those letters NOW, hadn't I?

  2. I would like to hear about your disconnect from ritual.

  3. You are Really good at this Ellen. hee

    We use the word "rubbers" in our house for girl's hair [elastic] bands. People always look at me odd when I say to one of the girls - "Where's your rubber?" or "Do you have a rubber?" I never really thought about it until I shocked [inadvertently] my Mom one day. heehee

  4. You're too funny. At least you got "R" out of the way and are one step closer to "V". Have a good weekend Ellen.

  5. I still like rituals. Coffee, blogging, coffee, walking, coffee, meditating, coffee...
    Oh, but this is R not C.

  6. Very interesting post! Will look forward to the "V" post. :)

  7. I was so looking forward to the condom collection Ellen - but I'll hold you to that promise!

  8. Well your "R" is for totally Random!! And it cracked me up.
    A collection of condoms? Seriously?

  9. R U sure this is all for this letter?LOL This is how my kids talk to me.

  10. Ellen- I think you should elaborate on all the "R" stories. I have a very similar reckless story.

    No siree, I don't see any nope, nada, zip here! ;)

  11. Out for 18 hours? Oh man, that's scary.

    I think you did very well with the letter "R" and I love the handsome R that illustrates this; it's straight out of my calligraphy notebook!

    Rubbers were rain boots when I was little. Headed for the door, I would often be reminded "Don't forget your rubbers, Kerry!"

  12. "R" is for really a rascal! Roofies and rubbers, reckless youth.

  13. Well it took me a moment to figure out how a condom collection related to the letter R. But it finally dawned on me.. Reproduction-inhibitors! Nah, I got it.. rubbers. ;)

  14. Ritalin!

    Very clever post, and a showcase to your creativity! EFH

  15. You could have called the whole thing 'R' for Rambling and got away with it.

    But then you did, anyway.

  16. ...and a very entertaining post. I know more about you now.


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