Wednesday, December 29, 2010

easing back in

Trying to wrap my head back around the routines of work, of making a living. We head back to town today for three days to do a small job and to see what else I can jump start. No one really is being too serious about working this week, sandwiched as it is between christmas and new year's. I meet with the art consultant tomorrow to see what we can do to help him promote our work better.

I'm not looking forward to being back in the city. The old house there is suffering from having the life stripped out of it. The ceiling fan in the living room no longer works, the kitchen sink is stopped up, the termites are inviting all their friends to the feast. It is cold and unwelcoming. What a dump. Sad to see it in this condition, abandoned after sheltering me, my family, providing us safe haven for so many years.

I want to stay home, snugged in my country house, gazing out the window at the fallow fields waiting for their spring planting. I want to stay home where, when I look out the window as I sit at my desk/drawing table, I can see the large shrub right outside and watch the birds that seem to find endless interest in it.


Fast forward a few days. I wrote the above while waiting, waiting, waiting for the cat to show up so we could load up and leave. She finally strolled in just before 9 PM Monday night so we had to get up early and get on the road yesterday getting here just in time for my morning appointment. Now that I'm here, it's not so bad. We got the little job done and the guy picked up the glass yesterday. We're heading back home today a day early because the other thing I wanted to do can't be done this week.

It's raining out there, badly needed rain. I just wish it wasn't raining right now. We had planned on getting more plaster and silica flour for the casting molds and the rain puts a big damper on that. hee hee


Thought I'd show you how the wren box is progressing.

the rough cast wren inlay piece

excess glass ground off

carving the depression for the cast wren piece

wren inlay in place

carving the texture on the box

finished texture with wren inlay in place

The casting mold has been made but not steamed out yet.


  1. This is so, so lovely - to be breathtaking. You have amazing talent.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. ellen i live in a small city and even visiting a big city is really really hard. easing back into work is a few days away fro me and i don't dread it as much as i have difficulty ramping up the kind of energy needed to make it work. i read your words and thought about what i value and certainly wayyy up there is the ability to see what is happening around me in the rest of the natural world. then also the freedom to create. the work you share here is so damn good it amazes me that you can step in and out of it! steven

  3. I love watching your work progress - nothing much doing over here this week either!

  4. Beautiful work Ellen. I love the country. My wife Jilda and I have lived here on our small farm since 1980.
    Our old barn is in bad need of repair and getting it back in shape is my number 1 priority for the new year.
    I'm going to fix me a writing spot down there but I first must run water down there and put in gas logs for cold winter days.
    I'm excited.

  5. Ellen your work is so beautiful. I am intriqued by your work in progress. I live in a hundred year old home, so I understand your feelings...we lived in an old house on the farm, I loved it, my mother despised it because of all its shortcomings. your right not much getting done here this week. Happy New Year too you. take care.

  6. The wren is fabulous, and thank god for the rain. Sorry it's holding you up, but this week - best to just throw in the towel in terms of doing anything productive.

    I'm glad it wasn't as depressing as you thought it would be.

  7. I loved to see the work progress, in the various stages. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful! Your talent is amazing.

  9. It is an amazing piece! I spent the day strolling through thrift stores just looking for the unexpected treasure. I didn't find one today, but you never know when one will just be there.

  10. The wren box is beautiful! Loved seeing the various stages of your work. It's a lost week, for sure. Happy New Year!

  11. Lovely box! I enjoy seeing all the steps involved.

    I find that being in a place is never as bad as I imagine it might be. Although I usually don't mind leaving again!


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