Friday, December 17, 2010

tis the season

This was my intended post for the Monday after Thanksgiving, the day we took my brother-in-law to the emergency room, so it is a little out of date.

Thanksgiving usually marks the beginning of the Lost Days for me. Lost Days because if I haven't accomplished it by now, it's probably not gonna get done this year.

Usually the days between now and New Year's find me short of time and with too many obligations. Usually, we are struggling to finish a job before year's end which gives me little time to spend on preparing for all the holidays that are crammed into this short spate of time. And believe me I think everyone of them is celebrated amongst the family. Thanksgiving, Hannukah (which is stupid early this year, I will barely have digested my Thanksgiving meal), Christmas, Marcmas (as we refer to Marc's birthday and the three day celebration that accompanies it) and New Year's. I say usually because this year we are in-between jobs. Plenty of time to shop and prepare for the different holidays, for a change, but little cash with which to do it even if I was so inclined. Right about now we are questioning the wisdom of paying for the new AC/furnace we got last July in full instead of financing it. I'm not too worried though as it already looks like next year we will be back to work. In the meantime, we are being frugal.

One of the things that makes these the lost days is that the closer we get to christmas, the harder is it to get any kind of business done but most of what makes these days lost though, is all the socializing among the family and friends. Easily 7 events alone among the family starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year's Eve. Throw in the three days of the studio glass open house, start adding in parties (assuming of course that we get invited to some) and it's enough socializing to last me for a whole year.

In fact it sends me into near total isolation in January and February.

Obviously, some things referred to have come and gone while we were busy elsewhere. We are relieved that there will be no Marcmas this year. Usually his birthday is when family members come into town from Denver and Dallas to do all the holiday visiting and exchange gifts. In the past there has been a night out adults only pool tournament, a bowling party for all the kids and adults the next day and then the third day one of the brothers will have a gathering of the clan at their house. Fun but exhausting. The Denver contingent has a new wife and so they are going to Florida to be with her parents this year and what with the poor economy the Dallas contingent doesn't feel like doing the traveling.


  1. Man that's a lot of socializing! I might go into shock myself - I'm just not that social of a person. Although, come to think of it, the week we're home for Christmas does seem to involve a lot of people. Better gird my loins!

  2. Maybe there'll be less of it all this year end, but whatever you and the family do, do it wholeheartedly and happily. You know how suddenly and thoroughly it can all end.

    Happy holidays!

  3. I think all the craziness of November-through-January is to make us appreciate the long, slow, boring February and March. My kids didn't even complain that there were no days off school during the month of February. I think even they were ready for a routine after the holidays.

  4. Change, change, change. Sometimes it just slips in, doesn't it, unexpected but somehow, it all comes together the way we need it to.

  5. May your lost days shine a little brighter, the nights a little clearer, and all the mysteries of this universe more than especially delicious this year for you and yours.

  6. Dye your hair blond...little will be asked of you- take a deep breath, say NO a lot- you need to take it easy after the helluvaseason you have had...wish I lived closer to make sure of it- send your self to a sauna, a spa...something nice just for you. Have a laid back christmas Ellen- you are in my thoughts a whole bunch!

  7. be kind to yourself. allow goodness that springs from your own heart to define what works for you. it's not sucky or rude - it's taking care of the core of your world and then branching out some later . . . maybe. steven

  8. We all need to take a time out sometimes. I had a very low key holiday season last year after my son died. I feel a lot more festive this year, but I needed that down time last year.

  9. I am not much of a party goer either. One does me in!! Ha!!
    Your family gatherings sound crazy fun!!
    Enjoy your Christmas

  10. Marcmas sounds like a blast, though I can see how, this year, it's probably a relief not to have to engage in revelry so soon after the loss of your brother in law.

    Though I do hope you have time to engage in a little more holiday cheer before New Year's. Because you've just encountered the dementors. You need chocolate, laughter, light-heartedness.

    Wish I could swing by and take you out for a drink. Thinking of you with love.

  11. You have been through so much in the last month. I expect some form of normalcy will be welcome. Whatever you do I hope it is enjoyable & filled with love.


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