Sunday, September 5, 2010

the wild blue yonder

My brother lives in a small village outside Seattle. He has moved around a lot in his employment, living on the east coast, Switzerland, California and finally Washington state. We don't see each other often but he has taken the holiday weekend to come visit on his way to a meeting next week, staying with our elder sister while he is here. He is also co-owner of a little four seater airplane. His partner in ownership was going to have the plane in San Antonio this weekend so they arranged for the partner to fly it to the little local airport here today and he gave us all plane rides.

this is the plane

peering in

granted, my brother is 6' but it is still very small inside

instruments from edge to edge

gaining altitude, that's the Colorado river below...and probably a pecan orchard lower right

it was hazy in the lower altitudes...a patchwork quilt

we've reached cloud level now

flying around them

up above the clouds...pasture land and woods

coming back down

our own Nazca

crossing the river again, rice fields top right

approaching the runway

sister, brother and I


  1. Oh how exciting. I love all the higher altitude pictures. It's been at least 40 years since I've been up in a small plane. You are a lucky woman....and you have such a cute family...yay for you.
    The Olde Bagg

  2. Lovely pics - although I have to admit light aircraft scare me s***less! (I won't be offended if you decide this comment is too vulgar!)

  3. As much as I feel like a bird sometimes, I am afraid of small planes.

    What beautiful views. And it's nice to see you with your siblings.

  4. Such beautiful photos!! How exciting to be able to fly! Very cool!!

  5. Woohoo, a ride with Sky King! How cool is that?

    Thanks, Ellen, for "taking us along." :-)

  6. the world seems so peaceful from up above...

  7. Great photos!

    I have never been in that small of a plane and only been in two big ones so this is very exciting for me.

    What a lovely family and great that your brother could/would give you such a treat.

  8. what is 'our own Nazca'?
    What are all those squiggles?

  9. What fun! I would LOVE to go up in a small airplane & see where I live from the sky. There actually is a small airport I pass every day to & from work (it's where the woman on the 3 wheeler was turning in from my P365 post the other day) - I should stop & see if I can get a plane ride some day!

  10. Wow!! How fun was that? Fabulous pics, thanks for taking us along with you, Ellen. (love-love the pic of the siblings)

  11. What a wonderful opportunity. It looks like a blast!

  12. It looks great, but makes me feel queasy. Not a good flier, especially in something so small. In fact, I wouldn't go anywhere near it, so will have to rely on your bravery to see such photos.

  13. fantastic photos!!
    up close and personal with earth

    I love small planes although they make me nervous as well

  14. Thanks for the trip. I know you were so happy to see your brother. The Colorado looks very muddy!

  15. Wonderful to see you all, and how you look alike and differ too. I love to meet people's families to enjoy seeing that.

    The pictures were big and since you did it from start to finish, I felt like I took the ride with you.


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