Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rain is a good thing

It's raining. It was raining when I woke up and it has rained all day. It's all green out the open door and I can see the rain coming down. It's one of those steady rains, not torrential. A torrential rain is like a temper tantrum and is over quickly enough. This is a pout settling in for a long visit with an occasional thrashing of the fists in the air stirring up the trees.

I've been wanting rain. We have been needing rain. We finally got some afternoon showers last week little happy dance and yesterday we drove through several tantrums on the way to Galveston. Now, though, it seems we are in for another week storms. Hermine is out there stomping around in the Gulf and if she dawdles we could have a week of days like today.

Rain is good, yes? It nourishes all living things. It also stands in pools in the low spots when there is clay underneath like there is here. That clay is one of the reasons the ground gets so hard and cracked when it is dry. It's also the reason why the dirt is so sticky and the ground is so slippery when it is wet.


I wrote this yesterday but didn't get it posted. It's overcast today. The stand of field sunflowers has been flattened, splayed out in a circle. The ground is littered with branches and pecans still in the husks. I'm beginning to think we aren't going to get any good ones this year. I've cracked open a few of them and they are black and shriveled up inside.

Oh, hey, I think the sun just peeked out.


  1. It's very dry here. The grass is almost totally brown. Nice to see your lush green-ness.

  2. I love the way you describe the difference, so true. And yes rain is good as long as it doesn't flood. Most everything is green here, but the leaves are starting to change. Ah, my favorite part of the year.

    Have a good one and enjoy the sun peeking through. Skippymom

  3. I love the personification.....rain fits...I never thought of them like brain likes that today. Thanks

  4. After your long dry summer you need it!
    Its raining here too well drizzling, the get under your collar type that frizzes your hair.
    Could do with it being a couple of degrees warmer too.....

  5. Nice that you're finally getting some relief. Great pics!

  6. Oh we so need some wet too. Although Dr. M hasn't minded not mowing :)

  7. It has been the strangest growing season here, too. Now that it is turning very cool at night my tomato plants are full of blossoms, they will never be tomatoes, though. Strange.

  8. Rain!!!!! Yipee!!!! May you get all you need.

  9. I am glad you are getting some rain. We have been needing it too but so far...just a few sprinkles. Maybe tomorrow?

  10. It rained here both Tuesday & Wednesday. Wonderful renewing rain. We have lots of downed limbs in our yard also & tons of pine needles!

  11. Wow, the grass IS quite green, but it's amazing what the weather did to those tall sunflowers. Pretty patch, in any case.


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