Thursday, September 9, 2010


What do you see?” she asked me.

My feet.” I replied.

I was looking down at my sandal clad feet. Old, worn leather sandals with straps. The ground was dry, sandy with rocks scattered about and boulders. I was sitting on a boulder looking at my feet. I was wearing some sort of homespun garment and those were men's feet. I was a man.

This was how my past life regression started out.

I was, at that time, going through a rough emotional patch, having been shunned by my main social group and I was having a hard time making sense of it. My friend Renee suggested this session to see if maybe we could find the underlying cause or stimulus. Renee lives close to the veil. She is very sensitive to the ether. And she had recently gone through an intensive workshop to learn and utilize this technique (not hypnosis) in her role as a therapist.

How do you feel?” she asked me.

Sad, full of guilt and remorse.” I replied.

Why are you feeling that way?” she asked.

I don't know.”

She had me go back farther.

Where are you now?” she asked.

I'm sitting on a low wall in my village.” Maybe a small town. It's dusty, the wall is stone. There seem to be people passing by. We might be in a public area, I'm not really sure. I'm talking to someone next to me. There has been a theft and I know who did it. I indulge in a bit of gossip, I let this little bit of information, the name, slip to the person with whom I am talking, a person whom I trust. I tell all this to Renee.

What happens next?” she prompts when I stop talking.

I'm walking on the road and I turn into a property, walking through a gap in the low wall into the open space in front of the small house. The wall is stone, the house is stone and mud brick perhaps. It is my house. I am standing there in the courtyard or maybe sitting when a young man comes running with the news that our friend, the thief, was found out, caught and sentenced to death, put to death. I walk out, away from the village.

And that is why I am sitting on the boulder, contemplating my betrayal.

Afterwards, Renee and I were both surprised, considering the situation that had been preying on me, that this vignette did not really seem to have anything to do with my current situation. It did however have meaning for me, gave me a deeper understanding of some part of me. At the end of the session she had asked me to visualize my guardian angel for guidance but unlike some people I have never felt the presence of a guardian angel. Instructed to relax and empty my mind, a living person's image came to me, a friend, someone I admire, with a bit of advice. Well, not advice so much so much as truth. And that bit of truth released me from a mental burden or perhaps, allowed me to release myself.


  1. Whether or not these are actual memories, the feeling tone of the scenes usually carries information for us that has value and significance. Such sessions are much like lucid dreaming and one could use Jung's technique of considering everything in the 'dream' as a part of oneself.

    Interesting recollections Ellen.

  2. Very interesting. This is so remote from my experience. I would love to know more... but perhaps one needs to be in a bad place to make this work and I am in a good place in my life just now.

  3. Fascinating! I wonder what would happen if I tried this...

  4. Very interesting and intriguing. I did past life regression hynotheraphy and I came away with a vague sense that I had been led rather than experiencing. I am intrigued by your non therapy means though.
    Your retelling of the recollection is goose flesh inducing. Wow.
    The Olde Bagg

  5. I agree with Bonnie - this does have that lucid dreaming feel. It is amazing how our minds will help us to heal when we relax and open up to it.Interesting post.

  6. I would love to try that!

    However it came about, I am glad it helped.

    I have wondered about past lives because I have a recurring dream that is not me but is me...make sense? I also have an intense fear that I have overcome, somewhat, but Mom said I always had the fear even as a baby.

    No chance of finding someone around here that can do that, we still use witch doctors!

  7. Bonnie and Purest Green - It was nothing like lucid dreaming. I've done that before while dreaming, become aware just enough to sort of direct your dream. this was not like dreaming either. More like snapshots, a series of stills. I didn't see or hear what took place. It was more like an image materialized in my mind and I described what I was seeing, feeling. Like seeing a picture and just knowing what was being said, what had been said without hearing it.

    Linda - I had no real idea of what to expect. It was not hypnosis and she did not suggest anything or ask me any leading questions or plant images in my mind. I was laying down with my eyes closed and she took me through a relaxation sequence. I mean really, my first visual image was feet? And I have no idea about time frame in history. It felt old but could just as well have been some remote village in a third world country.

  8. I tried this once- it was very weird and my stories jumbled upon one another - I went way back -I liked the far removed life times so much better- the closer up ones were sad and left me feeling sad for the rest of my life...after the what ever it was- the person did not allow me to return properly- I drove home but did not understand my car or the traffic i was took days to return.

  9. Incredible story! Wow. Taking journeys backwards and forwards in time brings enlightenment, even if what comes doesn't seem to be directly related to what's bothering you. Wow. You are so talented, Ellen!

  10. What a beautiful image that you foun to start the post. Pretty amazing to see such vivid imagery and also have such an intense outcome. I wish I could get to a state where soemthing like that would be able to occur. I have an unexplained fear of being in deep water, and yet I can swim just fine and love being by it and on it...

    I left you a question on the animal blog.

  11. I am a little at a loss to understand this vignette.
    or rather, a lot.
    Is there an explanation?

    It makes me feel a little afraid and ill at ease.

  12. I do not know what to say.... but your words feels so comfortably. I have an open mind, 'but I still sit in the sandbox'. Thank you for your wonderful and spiritual dimension.

    By the way, thanks also for your birthday greeting to my darling Gustaf on my blog. If you want to check out Bleek, the band which my son Gustaf plays bass in .... so.... here is the link & you can listen to two songs from Bleek's album! I love their music and they are soo talented, a bit retro a'la English 60 Pop Century.


    Agneta, the swedish one ;)

  13. That's fascinating - there are layers of meaning in the subconscious.

  14. That's fascinating - there are layers of meaning in the subconscious.


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