Tuesday, September 28, 2010

river vignette 9 - Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande

In the city this week fabricating the small job we have and taking care of some other business.

Our first cool front of the year has finally made it here and given us a break from the heat and humidity. Fall is some of our best weather; warm days, cool nights, low humidity and a clear blue sky.

Makes me want to be on the river.

The desert and canyons are very green, remarkably so. Ocotilla and lechugia are blooming. Also several types of yellow and purple flowers. All signs of recent rains. There are dragonflies, damselflies, and butterflies of all sizes and types everywhere. Swallowtails, monarchs, fritillaries, checkerspots, sulfurs, whites, and brushfoots. The yellow and orange sulphurs cluster together and rest on the ground or in the low growing plants, rising like a cloud when disturbed. Swallowtails, monarchs, and fritillaries fly around unconcerned with our presence, sometimes even landing on us. After we make camp a huge beautiful black, white and gray butterfly (moth?) comes to rest on my arm while I am eating and stays for about 15 minutes.


  1. Love these vignettes. I'm sitting at work wishing I had worn something with longer sleeves - I'm cold! I'm always surprised by the chill of autumn, but then I'm a present moment person after all.

  2. Those moments when we are touched by a beautiful creature really do possess magic. Lovely post Ellen.

  3. Butterflies have the best names! It's so cool that you know what they're officially called.

    Love the drawing, as I always love your drawings. I think I'll ride my bike down to the river this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Those are very true moments, when some part of nature comes into your world. You paint a lovely picture.

  5. So glad you did not eat the moth. Your drawing is very cool! I don't know how it is possible to camp and dine with moths and DRAW!

  6. Sounds idyllic and a lovely vignette too.

  7. Your art is wonderful! Your words,too...I could see it.

  8. Love the drawing and the images created by your words is fabulous!! Thanks so much!
    Fall here now too but still pretty warm during the day...but very cool in the evenings and early mornings!

  9. I love your vignettes.
    I also read your post about the funeral, it is so well written the whole event, as well as the background story, came alive for me.

  10. Love the drawing and the story. So glad it's getting cooler, too. We are having some glorious weather. Enjoy!


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