Tuesday, September 14, 2010

endless summer

And I don't mean the movie.

It continues to be hot and humid here, rumors of fall arriving elsewhere notwithstanding. A thirty minute criss-crossing of the yard in the shade to fill a 1 gallon bucket with fallen (bad) pecans has me dripping sweat. And I mean that literally. Walking slowly, picking up pecans is not a vigorous activity.

Work continues on the shop nonetheless. I have to hand it to him. I've been hiding out inside while he puts in three or four hours out there getting the roof panels on. When he comes in his clothing is soaked through. Occasionally he calls me to come give him a hand and as soon as I have done what was requested, I scurry back inside. I have my own work to do.

I was surprised and delighted to see that my moonflower vine, the one planted near the house, had three flowers open last night and that they opened while it was still light. They unfurled so quickly that you could almost see it happen.

It was still plenty light enough to get a good picture without the flash (and I did get one) but with the flash, it gives the petals a silky luminescence. Now if I could only capture that in glass.


  1. Ooh - that would be pretty spectacular in glass.

    I guess all I can say about your heat is that we'll get ours when the snow comes. Although I will not deny that our climate is more conducive to human life than yours :)

  2. Fabulous photo of your moon flowers! They are gorgeous.
    That would be spectacular in glass

  3. If anyone could capture a moon flower's beauty in glass- you could. I would like a moon flower to live in...sigh.

  4. Oh those are beautiful, and the photograph is fantastic! I've never heard of them before, so that was a real treat.

    I hope a nice, crisp breeze visits you soon, Ellen. There comes a point in any season where we'd all just pay a king's ransom to have a day that was different.

    Also, I feel for you on the pecans as we have a plum tree that takes its vocation quite seriously. Laden with fruit (no one could possibly like plums that much) we've had plums on the ground all summer, despite our best efforts.

    Eventually the ones we couldn't spot in the ground cover -- and we really were after them as the dog would eat herself stupid on them if we didn't -- fermented. The way we found them?

    I'm not kidding: We followed the drunken bees. There were bees just flying into the ground, the trees, the fence and my husband finally figured out, "Hey...I wonder if those plums fermented?"

    Sure enough. If you don't get some autumn relief soon, I know where you can score some apparently dizzying plum hooch, for free :-)

  5. I felt the same way in Hawaii this past week. I won't be going back in August or September again - which is their hottest months. It was a project week so we were all scurrying about - dripping sweat.

    The flower is gorgeous and would be spectacular in glass!

  6. O.K. I do understand about heat and humidity; when will it all end, you think, savoring fall before it arrives. But here, where summer is just a quick blur, we treasure sunshine, worship it in droves, every minute It is out, we are out. There ought to be a more balanced approach to this, for you, for me, for the citizens of earth.

  7. p.s. you can capture that beauty on glass/in glass. We have seen what you can do!

  8. Beautiful flowers ... I love the idea of trying to capture that beauty in our work, craft. Nature is so inspiring. It's still hot here too. Seems like it's been summer since March. No kidding, I remember even St. Patrick's Day was oddly warm. Bring on fall :)

  9. What a miracle your moonflowers are! Must be a delight to actually watch them unfold. I bet you could capture them in glass - and I bet your mind is working on it right now!

  10. I'm impressed that you captured that beautiful texture in photography. I have little doubt that you can do it in glass. I'd be happy to trade you my suddenly cool autumn for your continued summer. ;)

  11. It looks so soft, just like ice-cream (or am I fixated on that subject right now?)

  12. they look velvety.
    Perhaps it isn't a bad thing that we can't copy and reproduce everything; nature must certainly have the upper hand occasionally. How else would we learn to appreciate the height of natural beauty.

  13. Mmmm...silky luminescence...

    I wish I could pick up this Scottish storm we are having and hand it to you even for a few hours. It would cool you down but it's not the kind of weather to be doing any roofing. :(

  14. Beautiful flowers!!!

    My sister has purchased a pecan picker upper or whatever it is called. She is really enjoying it, no stooping.

  15. I fear the falls arrival...

    I originally hail from Detroit,MI a city that experiences all for seasons but for some reason lingers on winter.. Fall is just a reminder.

    I now live in Georgia.. The weather is cooling down and fear is setting in.. At least I get to wear boots.


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