Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a few things

The world has been out there while I have been in here busily working with the wax. I'm working on the second model of my little erotica tryptic now. I might go back to the first and make a few minor adjustments judging by the way the shadows fell across it in the final picture but I want to be done with it. I can't make progress if I never finish. As my friend Kathy tells me when I point out the flaws in my work to her...”You're the only one who will ever see that.” So. This is one of my life lessons, letting go of the pursuit of perfectionism.

Ah, but if you don't seek perfection, how good is good enough?

We haven't started making the molds for casting yet. We're a little leery of using the water out here until we do some experimenting because it has a high sulphur content and sulphur reacts with other chemicals in the glass we use. We haven't been making molds yet because right now Marc's priority is getting the siding and roofing on the shop. To date, three sides are done.

I've been taking little breaks from my work and wandering the yard, picking up immature pecans. I do this, pick up the immature pecans, because I like to go barefoot and I also hope that by picking up the bad ones now, I'll reduce my percentage of bad ones when the ripe ones start to fall. We'll see.

It must be the time for babies because I keep seeing baby things. I saw a little praying mantis. I've seen tiny lizards, just hatched, hanging around the moonflower vine. I mentioned before that there were baby toads everywhere. Every step you take at least one or two little baby toads hop away.

When Marc picked up the last sheet in the stack of metal that was laying on the ground, he disturbed some voles. They had built a little nest under the stack and it had five (that I could see) babies in it. Those little guys are maybe an inch long. I found a piece of the sheet metal that was scrap and covered it back up.

We're making a little foray into town tomorrow. I have some business to take care of, measurements for a job and a presentation and a little g'kid exposure. And then my brother is coming in town this weekend and is going to give us all plane rides.


  1. Ohhh baby things! What a good idea to gather the immature aborted pecans as they fall- we have chestnuts that the squirrels try to take away before they are ripe and splitting...ouch!Spiny nasty stickery things- the pooch is always surprised by them- I have to carry him home.
    Can't wait to see what comes of your project!

  2. How sweet to cover the baby voles, Ellen. You have a good heart. Your yard is so pretty.

    That last picture of the sky was incredible.

  3. What an awesome sunset picture. Sounds like you are quite busy and that is a good thing. But I see you are taking the time to enjoy those things around you!! Hope the water thing works out to your favor.

  4. New life being created all around this a sign?

    Great pictures, the shop is looking good and that sky is fantastic!

  5. That little toad is so cute! I had no idea toads could be cute. Wow.

    Glad you are beginning to replenish your supply of sunset photos. The one on this post is fabulous.

    The shed looks great. Wow.

    Love it that you let the little baby voles alone. You are so humane.

  6. Three sides are better than none but I know you are anxious to have it done and usable.
    Baby toads....ohhhhhh. They are so teeny and sweet. Yep my baby turtles are coming out at this time as well. I have a friend who says that Sept. twoth is the turtle delivery day in her backyard. I just love that, the twoth of September. hehehe.
    I hope you have a super visit with your brother and fly high girl. The Olde Bagg

  7. That is a gorgeous sunset, and those blooms...stunning!

  8. Aww I'm sure those baby voles thank you for tucking them back in again. Lots of babies.. renewal.. rebirth. Enjoy!

  9. a lovely miscellany of this and that.
    It's always good to read this sort of thing because it gives the reader an idea of the ordinary, everyday life of the writer.

    I am glad you covered up the voles. I hate it when people are careless about other creatures.

  10. I thought WE had a cute toad, but yours wins. Can't wait to see your new work!

  11. Spectacular sunset(?). I love your little shop it is so shiny! And I'm jealous... I have a very tall yellowbell in my yard that will NOT bloom! Any advice for it? Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  12. Ah, I love seeing all the little babies and the progress on the building. It looks pretty. The light out there is realyl beautiful.


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