Thursday, June 3, 2010

touching base

I've been hit or miss with my reading and commenting the last 10 days or so, what with my daughter's emergency surgery (here and here) and having all four grandkids for a full week during her recovery and still trying to get the art work done for our one and only job. We still have the g'boy. He stayed on for his week after the g'girls were picked up. I have several posts I am working on if I can ever get to the other computer to process the pictures (don't have the program on mine yet).

Here's a few pictures to tide you over (or maybe to tide me over)...

My new 'do' which some readers requested a picture of. These pictures were taken about a week after the cut.

The garden is lush and full.

A few summer bloomers.


  1. I love the wave in your hair. You and your gorgeous self with a new do. Looks great.
    Now to all the pix....I'm telling ya, I'm a specific color of green and it ain't nice. I so envy lush, when I've got sparse, but on the other hand, my humidity is 15% most of the time and I so feel dry when I get out of the shower, after I towel off. So ther ya go....teeter totter. But having spend summers in Dyersberg, TN...I do know lush and appreciate it.
    I hope your daughter is well, you had a good time with the kids and that you find the time you need to do what is required. (((hugs))) until next time

  2. That natural wave in your hair is wonderful....and so is your garden!

  3. Hope you daughter is doing well...enjoy the flower pictures...

  4. Hope the news of you daughter is good. Please send her our best.

    Loving the haircut! Great color and wave you have [some people get all the hair luck. bah! giggle]

    I want to rock short hair like you can, but I have a fat face, is really round and I look silly - you have such a gorgeous bone structure the hair cut really looks awesome.

    And the garden is just gorgeous and the flowers are so pretty. Thanks for taking the time to post all of this, makes me so happy to see such pretty things - like you!

    Love ya! ~SkippyMom~

  5. Love your new do! Easy does-it. You've had good growth in your neck of the woods. We are still in wetland galore. Three inches yesterday! Yeah, good for fish, not for plants.

  6. Love the new 'do! You might inspire me to get mine chopped off. But I'm never happy when I do that - I don't have your nice wave & I look like a bowl-head. In addition, I'm too cheap to go to the hairdresser :)

    Love the lush garden & flower pics. Reminds me of daddy's in NC. But we're getting there - slowly but surely...

  7. Looking good girl!! Love the new haircut!!
    And your flowers are amazing!
    And look at that garden grow??!!
    Very nice!

  8. Beautiful blooms - each and every one!

  9. It seems like everything has landed in your lap at once. Love the new "do" and your garden looks perfectly busy busy the way they should in the summer. :)

  10. Great new hairdo, you're stylin' :)

    And your garden is way ahead of ours, which we just planted a couple weeks ago. Won't be long now before those tomatoes are ready!

  11. What is that amazing square flower! COOL! and your hair is awesome- i have hair envy.
    Your garden is looking plump and happy!
    Well wishes for your daughter!

  12. What the name of the orange flower ?

  13. So glad that things are getting better! Love the haircut and your garden is beautiful!!

  14. LOVE your haircut, Ellen. It looks so free and easy, like your smile! I can't show Mr. B this post; he loved his garden so much in Texas. Our growing season in MN is SO much shorter. And the flower shots are sensational! Sending healing thoughts for your daughter.

  15. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!

    Beautiful photos, someday I hope I will be able to put that much effort into my garden.

  16. Good to hear you are keeping afloat and hope your daughter is on the mend.

  17. Your garden looks amazing. There is a lot of vegetable potential there in a few weeks.

  18. That looks like the perfect summer do. And your flowers are just amazing.


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