Saturday, June 12, 2010

back to work

I finally finished the compositional sketches for the second proposal and so during my little foray into the city last week when I took the g'boy back, I met with the designer and client. He made his selection on the spot and handed over the deposit. Always nice when that happens. These are three windows in the master bedroom measuring about 24” x 36”, a contemporary design with different tones, textures and applied glass including a bit of dicroic color.

This is the drawing for our other job for an orthodontist's office, three wall mounted panels, each panel is 20” x 38”. I submitted several sketches but this was one suggested by the clients so I was not the least surprised when they chose it even though it was my least favorite, and least developed, of the designs submitted. I don't like to do logos and I always try to discourage people from putting their initials on glass because it is so permanent. In this case, the logo for the orthodontist's office is his initials...a double whammy for me. Now that I have the sketch more fully developed, I'm starting to like it more, would like it better without the initials but not my call.

We're teaching another 6 day workshop June 14th – 19th. Fortunately we don't have to travel for this one beyond heading to Houston as it is being sponsored by a new fusing and cast glass facility there. Well, 'there' as in within Houston's gravitational pull as it's located at the far reaches of the city limits but unfortunately not in our direction so we'll be heading into town for a week on Sunday. In the meantime we're getting ready which means finding all the stuff we need that hasn't been looked at or for since February when our last workshop was, making the wax cups and in general preparing our minds to be sucked dry.


  1. "...preparing our minds to be sucked dry." An apt definition of the work of teaching others in a short amount of time. Yes! That's just what happens; and teaching is seen as a white collar job.
    You will be quite busy with these projects. I'd love to have such beautiful windows.

    You two are amazing artists and we are learning a lot about your work. Thanks for sharing so.

  2. Beautiful sketches, with great detail. I like seeing the process of how the art is initiated and formed.

  3. Orthodontia having such peaceful pleasing works af art around them seems like "TILT"..."some of these things go together- some of these things are kind of the of these things just doesn't belong here..." Love your sketches- they are really wonderfully pleasing!

  4. Love the sketches - can't wait to see the finished designs!

  5. You are a true artist, the sketches are wonderful.

    Look forward to the finished product.

  6. The sketches are beautiful, even the ones you don't care much for. I agree with you that logos and/or initials should be saved for business cards and websites. people's egos are so embarrassing sometimes!

    How is your daughter?

  7. Hi Ellen

    you are such a talent...

    happy days

  8. So beautiful! These glass pieces are going to be fabulous. Though I do agree with you about the initials.

  9. I'm glad that work is picking up again. I love your sketches but totally agree about the initials. The look wrong, somehow.. Give me a huge, imposing bird in that space any day. Your work is beautiful.

  10. Oh Ellen i just love your stuff... You are FABBAROONEY!!

  11. It'll be really good to see those when they're finished. Fascinating to see work in progress.

  12. I agree with Eternally Distracted.

  13. Lovely designs, ellen.
    I hope all goes well with the courses and that you get to do the work you want, not just the work that pays.
    (Although that IS necessary, of course)
    Best of luck.

  14. Always amazing - I do agree about the initials panel tho' - although lovely what is he going to do if he eventually sells the business? Sort of narcissitic if you ask me. Then again I can be cynical...

    Still - it is all lovely.



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