Monday, June 21, 2010


student work – tiles about 4” square

cups – approx. 4” x 2”

That's how I always feel after a workshop (and it's what I did after the workshop, drained some glasses). We had a good group of students, all women, and they really seemed to have a very good time and their projects came out very well, so that makes me happy. It's fun and energizing during the six days but the day after the last day, I am a zombie. Of course, going out to the Flying Saucer with our downtown dweller friend Craig the evening of the last day of the class and having too much beer on a mostly empty stomach might have had something to do with it. I was just a tad hung over yesterday. I'm usually very good about not drinking too much, but this whole beer culture is interesting.

The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is primarily a beer pub but they do have a complete bar and serve wine as well. We got there early enough that the three of us got seats at the bar (later after the place filled up, we started looking around. Very young crowd, we were easily the oldest people there. By decades). Every time I go there, I like to try different beers. I don't know how many beers they have on tap, hundreds, and just about as many bottled, not to mention the 'traveling' beers they offer.

For my first I just picked one at random from the blackboard of specials and special offers. The bartender looked at me askance and asked me if I was a beer drinker, that this beer had a high IPA (alcohol content). I am a novice at this though I have drunk plenty of regular beer in my lifetime so I just sort of shrugged. He recommended a beer, lite and mild (I don't remember what it was). It was actually pretty tasteless and I could have sent it back but I went ahead and drank it. I prefer a little bite in the taste. Craig recommended Stella Artois which I ordered but it was still pretty mild. And my third beer was Magic Hat #9, a bit stronger in taste but still fairly mild. I also sampled every beer my two companions ordered and tasted at least four others. Oy vey!

After moaning laying around all day yesterday, I'm starting to feel a little more energetic. I do have to finish one last full size drawing and then I am heading into town again tomorrow to pick up the glass for this job so we can get started on the fabrication and also to pick up one of the g'girls for her one-on-one week.

I see lots of cooking in my immediate future.


  1. I love going to those "beer" bars. It is so cool to try different beers. I like the dark ones...the darker the better! Sounds like you had a good time.
    And the class work is awesome!! It is draining teaching. You have to be one step ahead all the time.
    You need to rest!!

  2. I love the glass work - they (& you) did a great job!

    I am not a beer drinker, but Dr. M is - he would really have enjoyed that experience.

  3. I miss going to the Brickskellar in DC - it has a huge menu of beers [pages/pages] - I always enjoyed the Danish and Swedish offerings. And the atmosphere was neat - it was actually in the basement of a building.

    Hope you have a grand time with the g'kid - enjoy your cooking. :D

  4. Beer bar sounds like fun ....... until the next morning. Love the tiles! Jealous that you are spending time with one of your grands!

  5. Your students did a wonderful job! I would have loved to have been in your class, Ellen. Fun!

  6. What you need is a drop of the 'Cleric's Cure' a Shropshire Ale, which is almost a knife-and-fork- beer.

    I drink beer when we go the pub but I usually stop at one. too much liquid.

  7. tiles - top right hand corner. cups centre bottom row. i only drink whole beer. snobby? nope. just plain common sense. it's got a purity about it that my ancestors knew only too well! four ingredients are good enough. darker than a cat's curse. beyond that i recommend eating really good bread and cheese and pickled onions and certainly vegetables with good beer. a hug to send you off to sleepy time. steven

  8. The glass work is fab and I'm sure that you are a wonderful teacher! Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the Flying Saucer. (cool name) I like to go out with my kids to places that are packed with younger adults, once in a while and try new beers and wines. Cheers!

  9. Beautiful artwork, it must feel good to see your students produce such pretty art. And a fun week ahead ... will your g'daughter enjoy cooking with you?

  10. If only I were closer, I would be in your next class.

  11. Sounds like a great bar. I love to sit at the bar. I love being decades older than anyone else. I love trying new beers. Clearly we'll have to try this together sometime.

    Your students' work is beautiful. I bet you are such a GREAT teacher. Wow.

    I'm headed out to the grocery store today. I NEED to cook. Stir, marinate, sniff, add spices. Oh yeah. Oh yeah!


  12. The student work looks pretty great! I'd love to participate in one of those workshops.
    As for the beer, wine, etc. I'm a light-weight! It doesn't take much to make me "feel" it then & the next day! I must say I do like a robust beer, usually an ale and dark which doesn't seem to attack me as much as U.S. beer. I also like the light Chinese beer Tsing Tau (hope I spelled it correctly) you should try it sometime if you haven't already.


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