Wednesday, July 23, 2014

done and done

I am terrible about responding to comments. When I do respond, it is via email so unless you make an email address available, I can't respond to your comment. I guess the reason I do it that way is that I rarely go back to a post to see if the blogger has responded (there are a few exceptions). Shoot, I can't even keep track of what I comment on or much less remember to go back and check for responses.

So this is in response to all the wonderful comments and questions I have received about this very long drawn out move, this uprooting literally, from my old life.

As Marc says, we have decamped.

I have dug up so many plants or taken cuttings. I have no idea how much is going to survive, which cuttings will root. I'm still trying to get them in pots temporarily till the weather cools enough to not give me heat stroke while I prepare the ground for planting.

We decided to leave the sandblast booth/Tuff Shed after all as it has termites. Not bringing termites to the new shop.

I didn't take anything from the house itself besides memories. Just the chandelier. How do you do that anyway? I would like one of the diamond paned windows if Kevin decides to deconstruct the house. We'll see.

So yes, I'm OK. I walked through the house, my last time, and touched the walls and thanked it for giving us shelter and holding our family together. We weathered three direct hits from hurricanes over the years in that house with nary a creak. I apologized for not taking better care of it and for abandoning it. I told it I loved it.

Then I walked out and closed the door.

Mostly, I think, I am just glad that it is finally over. I am anxious to get the new shop set up. I don't like not having a shop or work space available to me. I have stuff to do and stuff to make! There are three exhibitions coming up that I want to submit work for. I have agreed to be in a gallery show next year and I need stuff for that. And the open house in December, which I assume will be happening.

Our future is here and before us.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

saying goodbye

Heading in again today with a list of incidentals to retrieve...wheels from the big table, ladder, some lumber, some bolts that got left behind, the pavers from the driveway. It will be the last time I go in the house as I am leaving the keys when we leave. Kevin is going to have the sewer cut off first thing tomorrow morning so that he can start the permitting process and we will cancel our utility accounts.

We (or maybe just Marc since the other twin will be here for her week) will be back on Wednesday to try and load up the sandblast booth onto a trailer and motor it out here.

And after that? I doubt I will ever go back.

Friday, July 18, 2014

gaping holes and dangling wires and a selfie

Well, I guess we're out. We have stripped the old shop of supplies, tools, equipment, light fixtures, and glass. We have taken what we want from the old house.

The entry glass and the large window and the other large window at my daughter's house were delivered to the new shop Wednesday. The air compressor, the refrigerator, and the pony tail palm were delivered out here yesterday. Our son-in-law brought out the old truck yesterday as well. There's still a few pieces of good lumber that I want to retrieve and some more plants, either through digging them up or cuttings, and the rest of our pavers that we repaired the driveway with last summer when we had to have the main sewer line replaced but by and large, we are done there.

The sandblast booth may have to be abandoned since we couldn't find anyone with the ability or willingness to move it for us. It will fit on our son-in-law's trailer if we can get it on there so we may make one more attempt before we give up. We did not disconnect the plumbing from the old cast iron ball and claw foot tub. Even if we had, I'm not sure we could have gotten it out of the bathroom without removing the toilet and sink (very small room) or even then.

So now we get to turn our attention to setting up the new shop. Lots of things to be done...taking down the old cigarette smoke infused paneling and replacing it with sheetrock, pulling up the old indoor/outdoor cigarette smoke infused carpet in the rooms, putting in insulation and sheetrock in the large bay area, getting the air compressor hooked up and a shelter built and the air pipes placed, building a permanent glass rack, getting 220 plugs installed for the kilns, getting the AC/heater installed in the rooms for starters. Also, the roof in the big bay leaks in two areas so we need to get that looked at.

I'd like to get a rudimentary work area set up pretty quick and devote some days to work while we remodel.

I also have a lot of plants to get settled so I started removing grass along the south side of the cement bunker yesterday so that I can get these bulbs and other plants in the ground. I'm happy that the dirt seems really good, doesn't have the clay we have across the street. It's not the best time of year to be digging stuff up and shocking it but at least the summer has been fairly mild this year.

More digging up grass today.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The house in Houston is no longer ours...technically. We won't get our check until today and we won't hand over the keys until next Monday, but yesterday we signed all the appropriate papers.

Kevin is a small builder and he plans to build a very nice single family home on the property. He plans to save the house if he can by having it moved onto another property. It doesn't seem likely though because all the power lines are on our side of the street and the streets in the neighborhood are narrow. Definitely the roof would have to be removed and it might have to be cut in half as well. He's still looking into it. He can't just restore it and add on to it where it sits because of the premium he paid for the property.

If he can't save the house he is going to try and salvage as much of it as possible instead of just having it demolished, reusing the old shiplap and maybe even the hardwood floors. I've let go of the house emotionally, and now, physically.

Our daughter had a sleepless night anticipating selling her part of the property. She has never lived anywhere else except for about 6 months in a different neighborhood. Other than that, she has lived in the Heights her whole life and all but about two years were spent either in my house or the one next door that they eventually bought from us. It's harder on her but she is looking forward to a better house. I, at least, had lived in many houses and neighborhoods and several years not even in the city before I settled down in the old house.

We'll be going in every day this week, still collecting stuff like the light fixtures out of the old shop and things we thought we would abandon and then changed our minds. Yesterday I pulled up the sandstone slabs that made up a short walkway and we're still trying to find someone to move the tuff shed for us and maybe get a moving company to move the other three large heavy items. My son-in-law has moved the old truck into his driveway for now since they have an extra week to vacate.

The carved glass entry into the shop and the two 5' x 5' windows will be picked up on Wednesday and delivered out here.

I guess I'm going to tackle digging up several of the larger shrubs because, as my son pointed out, I may kill them trying to move them, but if I don't try they are going to be killed anyway.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

second verse, same as the first

Not much has changed since Friday except we came back with another truckload of stuff, mostly boxes of old business records (8 to be exact), two boxes of tchotchkes I had put aside for the grandkids and had misplaced (so I was glad to come across them), a box of silver and crystal items that belonged to my mother that had been put aside for my son (who has decided he doesn't want them as they don't fit in his lifestyle), the rest of the red crinum lilies that I finally dug up along with cuttings off the heritage rose and the yellow trumpet flower (that are now in pots having been dipped in root stimulator), 

and the air conditioner/heater window unit from the old shop with help from the teenage boys that are squatting in the house.

My 17 year old grandson has basically moved into my vacant house, dragging the bed and box springs and the run down loveseat from our little apartment part of the house to the living room where the big air conditioner is, moved his TV and clothes over. We got there one day last week to find 8 teenagers camped out, one group playing video games and another group playing cards. They had fetched the patio furniture and barbeque grill from his house next door and fixed themselves dinner the night before. So cute to see the boys playing house. They have been very helpful without complaint though, loading the truck for us. My grandson calls nearly every day letting us know when he has to be at work in case we are coming in and need him to help with heavy stuff.

We finally have a firm time and day for closing. Monday at 11 AM. We're going to try and be completely out by the end of next week but I figure it will take longer because, well, just because it does. Kevin (the buyer) is being very accommodating. I think we really have, this time, got everything but the air compressor, refrigerator, sandblast booth, old truck, and the etched glass still installed in the old shop. I'm calling my installer Monday to arrange for them to move the two big pieces for us. It doesn't seem like much left to be done and once our son-in-law gets his trailer, maybe it will go quicker than I think.

Ha! What are the odds of that?

I've been wanting to get in the pool just about every day this week but somehow I managed to supercharge the water with chlorine and it still hasn't dissipated to 'safe' levels. Maybe today.

Looks inviting, doesn't it?

Friday, July 11, 2014

faster, faster, the lights are turning red and, yup, a selfie

I'm going to have to stop reading the comments to articles and posts I read on FB. They are making me despise humanity and I struggle with that already as it is. Something about this medium that brings out the worst in some people. Or maybe, those are the ones that it attracts most, the sociopaths. (I amend this...only certain posts and news items. I've 'met' some great folks on FB that I am happy to be connected with as a friend reminded me).

Anyway, I spend too much time on-line myself and I intend on cutting down and start spending that time in the studio.

This moving the shop from the city is taking far too long for my liking. Stuff is just thrown in the new shop helter skelter, no organization at all and no ideas even about how we are going to use the space. I'm getting antsy, everything is in turmoil. I want to get to work.

It's hard to focus on the new shop when we are still trying to move out of the old place. Who knew we still had so much stuff in the city though we are down to the big items like the Tuff Shed that is the sandblasting booth which we have no idea how to move. We may have to abandon it and just buy a new one. The air compressor which is upright and very heavy but we have an inkling how to move it but not how to get it in the truck or on a trailer. The refrigerator, also big and heavy. The air conditioner/heater in the old shop. Still have to move an old truck in the driveway that needs a new battery which we don't want to buy.

And it's looking like the closing might not be today after all. It was supposed to be last Tuesday but the underwriters weren't ready so it was moved to Friday, today. But now, the lawyers that are drawing up all the paper work may not be ready til Monday.


Monday, July 7, 2014

granny camp 5.2

We picked Autumn up on Sunday along with a truck load of stuff from Houston.

Monday she and I went shopping for craft supplies and clothes and groceries and other errands for her week here. And I spent a lot of frustrating time trying to get the Ph, chlorine, and alkalinity adjusted in the pool. Finally gave up and just let her swim though by the next day the chemicals had balanced.

She made earrings.

I took her to get her hair cut.

We tie-dyed.

We went to the beach.

We went to the movies. And yes, seriously, a T-rex transformer.

We shot off fireworks. I figured out early on that I could try to photograph the fireworks or watch them but I couldn't do both. So I watched them.

We had hamburgers, deviled eggs, stuffed jalapenos (which, once again, nearly killed me), and peach pie. The pie is the only thing I managed to photograph.

She painted clay pots.

She made a jewelry holder for her younger sister.

We dressed up a couple of pairs of her shorts.

She was in near constant touch with her twin, either texting, face timing, or snap-chatting. 

Sunday it was time to take her home and just as we were about to load up the truck with her stuff, the heavens opened and it poured rain. So we were a little delayed.

Back home with her twin.

If I still didn't have so much to do moving out of the old shop and house, I'd be vegetating on the couch today.