Wednesday, December 27, 2023

quiet day, road trip, Marcmas

I trust everyone had a good day Monday whatever that means for you on Christmas. We had our usual quiet day. It was nice out though a little cold after two days of rain. I walked Minnie to the end of the street and got swirled into some of Rocky’s grandkids and their new bikes, scooters, hoverboard. Miss Ellen, Miss Ellen, it’s Miss Ellen! as they swarmed around me. Then I fed the kittens, two of which are starting to let me pet them before I feed them, I even have been able to pick the two tabbies up (one at a time of course) and put them in my lap for more petting. The brown tabby is quiet and had a quiet purr but the gray tabby is very vocal and purrs loudly and readily. The female still won’t really approach and will still only let me pet her while she eats though she is allowing more petting before she moves away.

We watched three movies Monday. First was Asteroid City which I had heard about and thought it would be good but it was not. It was weird and boring and I kept nodding off so if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother. Then we watched Everything Everywhere All At Once which was much better but half the dialog was in Mandarin (with subtitles) and it moved really fast and was hard to follow sometimes but we enjoyed it. And then last we watched a Christmas movie, (not your usual sappy Hallmark kind, more like Die Hard kind only with Santa) Violent Night with a drunk discouraged Santa who manages to get left behind by the reindeer at a rich person’s house while he sits back and relaxes with expensive whiskey when the house is attacked by a group of criminals intent on killing everyone unless they tell them where the money is and Santa saves the day drawing on his previous life as a warrior. Santa was played by David Harbour who played the sheriff in Stranger Things. 

Yesterday my daughter picked me up and we went to Austin to spend the day with the twins. A pleasant surprise when we got there Marc’s sister Lisa and her son Andy were there. Lisa lives in Dallas and Andy lives in Tulsa and they were in Austin to visit another son Greg and family and were headed to Houston from there to visit Marc’s and Lisa’s mom who is in hospice care now. After they got on the road Sarah and I and Jade and Autumn went out for lunch at a vegetarian/vegan coffee/restaurant place. I ordered a coconut curry with broccoli, onions, potatoes, jackfruit, tofu dish served with brown rice. It was OK but apparently a popular dish as I saw at least three other people being served it. I ordered it because of the jackfruit which I was curious about but I could not have told you which piece went in my mouth was the jackfruit. Mostly it just all tasted like the curry sauce except for the broccoli which still tasted like broccoli. Of course I didn’t take a single picture of the girls though I did take a picture of Autumn’s boyfriend’s dog who had curled his big self into the cat bed.

But here’s a picture of a picture that Bryan took of us all with Jade’s little polaroid type camera when he got off work.

Today is Marcmas, another trip around the sun for him. Our son is coming to visit and he and Sarah are going to take us out to lunch. That’s the plan anyway.


  1. So are you going to keep one of the kittens then?

    1. If I didn't already have a cat and a dog I'd adopt the brown tabby with green eyes. they may become shop cats since I'm not having much luck getting the rescue group to move on getting them fixed and to new homes.

  2. Happy birthday to Marc. It sounds like a nice few days for you. I hope the kittens will be more adoptable thanks to your paying attention to them.

  3. Merry Marcmas! That dog picture is adorable. I love it when pets have no idea how big they are. :)

    I don't think jackfruit has a whole lot of distinct flavor when cooked. I've never really been able to taste it either.

  4. I haven't tried jackfruit but I'll never forget watching this gorgeous, tall, slim woman carrying a huge one on her hip at the grocery store. Those things are gigantic!
    I'm so glad you're getting out and having some enjoyable days. Good for you, Ellen! You look beautiful in that picture. Happy Marcmus- enjoy the time with your kids.

  5. Happy happy Marcmas! Hope he has just the day he wants. I'm glad you got to go see the girls.

  6. Yes, happy Marcmas. You two have passed an enjoyable holiday season, it seems.

  7. Happy birthday to Marc. In answer to your question Monday came and went like any other day for us. We went for a walk, but the weather was dull and dreary. We need snow!

  8. Merry Marcmas! Glad you were able to enjoy family during the holidays.

  9. I, too, started Asteroid City, and abandoned it 30 minutes later. That's how long I row on the machine, and after that I was DONE. Who makes these terrible movies? Sounds like the kittens are coming along, thanks for doing that.

  10. It was damp, cold, and quiet here on Christmas, too -- but there was real Cajun gumbo to be enjoyed. What a treat! Happy Birthday to Marc. I'd forgotten about Marcmas until I saw your title. That name for his day always has amused me, in the best possible way. It's good to hear the kitties are taming down. Patience can accomplish a good bit!


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