Tuesday, May 16, 2023

wet, hot, and what's blooming

Monday, mostly overcast but trying to clear. Enough clear and thin spots for the sun to beam through though the weather app says it's raining and will rain all afternoon or at least a 30% chance. Oh, goody, haven't had much of that lately. So the sun is out enough but too wet to do anything that involves dirt, doing it's best to put all that water in the ground up into the air and doing a fabulous job of it, at midday 83˚ and 72% humidity. And did I mention mosquitos? Yes, they have woken up. Welcome to summer on the Texas Gulf Coast plains.

Too wet for dirt work so since I had to move all the stuff leaning against that wall in the garage to pull up the wet mats I decided to clean up, clean out, rearrange the garage. Clearing out the daddy long legs webs, throwing out the things that are trash, reorganizing my boxes of stuff to be recycled moving them to their summer spot, dragging out the metal shelving unit being underutilized on the other side of the garage and hosing it down to be moved to a better and more useful location when it dries, blowing out the current accumulation of leaves, sorting through the old and rusty and no longer useful yard tools and wondering where they came from and what to do with them. By now I'm so sweaty it's dripping off me. Enough for today.

shelving unit in its new spot

Sunday early evening looking at the old german tomato plant that I swear grows a foot every day leaning on its neighbors, bending over the top of the cage, what to do. I remembered I had two 3/8” 8' lengths of rebar in the barn so I threaded them through the cage into the ground and tied up the tallest branches. If they grow taller than that I'll just have to cut them off. I wouldn't be able to reach any fruit anyway.

So on to some of what's blooming.

This althea (rose of sharon) busted out in bloom seemingly overnight.

The zinnias!

The elephant garlic allium.

The purple coneflowers.

The mexican hats.

The day lilies are blooming. I could do a whole post on just them. There's at least 6 other varieties not pictured here. Either they already bloomed out or haven't bloomed yet.

There's some other stuff but I'll save those for the next post.


  1. Our Rose of Sharon (Roses of Sharon? Rose of Sharons?) barely have leaves. One is ahead of the other, it gets more sun. Your day lilies are lovely. Sorry about the mosquitoes.

  2. I love seeing all the flowers blooming there. Your yard is so beautiful and rich with color. I also love all the energy you have to do the work you do.

  3. I'd love a post on just day lilies. I have one kind, Stella d'Oro, then there are local wild ones. that's it. I'd enjoy more. P and ty.

  4. My goodness! So many beautiful flowers. All the flowers on my lemon tree did their thing a day before it rained and now we have more baby lemons. I believe I'm going to have enough lemons to make about three bottles of limoncello this year. My gardenia is also blooming and it's smelling up the courtyard something awful.

  5. Your day lilies are stunning. I am currently investigating them, they've been recommended to me as ideal for the new climate we have now, dry and hot, and I need to avoid having stuff that needs watering.

  6. That plumeria/coneflower combo is stunning. It was fun to see the zinnias, too. Those were a staple of my grandmother's garden, and I loved them. They always were so prolific that I was allowed to cut them for the table, and it was such fun. It sure looks like the freeze encouraged as many plants as it discouraged. That althea's a good example.

  7. Oh, for heaven's sake. That's me, Linda/shoreacres up there. I clicked to use Google to sign in, but apparently I've been put in Google time out!

  8. It's wonderful to see all those plants we're still waiting for in full bloom in your yard. And FYI, my glass lady is in my sister's garden.

  9. Hot and wet here, too. I am anxiously waiting for my day lillies to bloom. Your gardens are lovely!

  10. It's amazing to see the Rose of Sharon in bloom so early in the year. At our latitude it hasn't even leafed out yet!

  11. Of course we are getting your weather after you have had it.
    I would say I am jealous of your beautiful flowers but I KNOW how much work you've put in them. They did not just happen by accident.

    1. how funny! I was on your blog when your comment hit my email box. most everything in the yard are established perennials or bulbs, so a lot of work but not as much as it seems.

  12. You certainly have lots more energy than I do even tho we are the same age! It shows in all of your lovely blooms. We are way behind you - my daylilies never bloom until July 1st... I'll start putting in more annual flowers now that May 15th has passed because it will stay warmer now...

  13. That Rose of Sharon is stunning! As are all of your flowers and, especially, all of the day lilies! Simply beautiful!


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