Tuesday, September 21, 2021

other weird things

Here's another weird thing, I've been plagued with ear worms for the last week and more. Every day some snippet of song constantly going through my head. Sunday it was 'strange brew, kill what's inside of you' from the song Strange Brew by Cream, a song I haven't heard in decades, many decades. Their first album, Fresh Cream, was the first album I ever bought though this song was on their second album, Disraeli Gears. Every day it's something different, from a song I heard on the radio or just something that pops in my head. Easier to ignore during the day but it drives me mad at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. Last night I tried to dislodge it by listing the sequence of yoga poses in my morning routine which eventually worked and I fell asleep. I'd only get through the first three or four before my mind would wander off and I'd have to start over again. Yesterday it's the refrain from Cindi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun which was replaced by 'we built this city on rock and roll' over and over and over. Drove me nuts yelling I don't care what you built it on. Thankfully nothing today.

I've mentioned that this has been a weird year in the garden. We had a heat spell early in the year, then the Deep Freeze, then an extended spring while everything struggled to recover. Some things have bloomed when they should like the poppies and the love-in-a-mist and the larkspur, some things bloomed late and sparsely like the yellow ginger which is just now putting out a few blooms and the zinnias, some things didn't bloom at all like the day lilies, the orange cosmos, the morning glories, and the lantana. Lantana, fer crying out loud, it's basically a weed, can't kill the stuff. The flowering senna froze to the ground then came back but then all the new sprouts died but that's OK as there are several volunteers coming up. And once again I missed the big bloom of the night blooming cereus. There were 15 buds forming but three dropped off. I knew they were going to open last night, even mentioned it to Marc. Did I remember to go out after dark to see? Of course not. But there are still three that didn't open. Hopefully I'll remember tonight.

Last Saturday was the town's once a year big clean up event where you could bring big heavy things for disposal, with a few exceptions like tires and old paint cans, that the regular trash pick up won't take. I had called to see if they would take old computers and TVs, yes they would, and do you trash them or dispose of them ecologically, yes the person thought those things would be recycled. So I loaded up the VERY heavy old Apple bulbous monitor and the tower that went along with it and the TV whose screen went black and drove them over to the spot and no, they would not be recycling those items, they would go directly in the landfill. So they're still sitting in the trunk of my car. We're taking them into the Best Buy in Rosenberg tomorrow because they will recycle them and we're going to look at new TVs while we're there.

Also last Saturday was the baby shower for my grandson and his SO which was very nice and they got some very needed items. She's type 1 diabetic and the baby grew a whole pound the previous week. Tomorrow they find out when the doctor wants to induce her and the baby is already over 7 pounds and she has previously had a broken pelvis so they are concerned not only about the size of her baby but her pelvis. She's at 35/36 weeks now so the plan is to let the birth proceed naturally after inducing her but intervene with a C section if necessary.

Coming back from the baby shower I saw this.

The yellow rain lilies popped up the other day which surprised me since we haven't had any rain in weeks. It rains around us but not on us.

And I spotted this little tree frog on the side of the house the other day as well. 


  1. Ear worms are the worst. I get them sometimes, and it drives me crazy. And it always happens when I'm trying to sleep.
    I hope you get to see the cereus blooming tonight. That would be so lovely.
    Love the photos and so wonderful to see a rainbow there.

  2. Best Buy is my go to place for dropping my electronic gadgets off too. It's really nice of Best Buy to provide this free service. I hope all goes well with the birth of the baby!

  3. I went through an ear worm phase recently; I'd listened to a Dolly Parton tape about her song writing method and I wound up with a head full of hymns I learned in childhood. Please don't let me take them to bed with me tonight.

  4. The sky! the colors! so refreshing and gorgeous. I do love the little frog too, his little froggy toes!

  5. I have the same problem with ear worms sometimes - especially with songs from church which is EXTRA annoying (why the ear worm has to be some praise chorus when I'd rather it be a hymn if it's going to be anything).

    I hope the birth goes well. I know you don't usually share people pictures on here, but a picture of an infant should be fine, right? Ha.

    Also, LOVE the rainbow photo - everything about it is just lovely!

  6. Do I read correctly that you are about to have a great grandchild? I'm so impressed! And envious too. I'm still waiting for the grands, never mind the greats. Congrats, and blessings on you all.

  7. It IS strange how earworms just appear that way. My theory is that we hear something during the course of day -- music in a TV or radio ad, a ringtone, something -- and that somehow connects through a similar sequence of notes or rhythm to a song memory. So maybe you heard something that sounded just barely like "Strange Brew" and that brought it to the surface?

    Is this your first great-granchild?

    1. yes, my first and probably the only one for a while as the granddaughters don't even have boyfriends.

  8. Ringtones can set off ear worms for me, working from home has been wonderful in this respect.
    What a lovely little frog!
    We had a no show from the plumeria for blossoms this year, just plenty of leaves. Lazy bastards.

  9. And he waited for you to get a camera too.

  10. Look at those yellow lilies! My heavens, they're gorgeous. I saw some once at Armand Bayou; maybe I ought to get over there and see if they've shown up again. Speaking of determined plants, there is a long row of oleanders in Kemah that didn't do well during the freeze. They were certainly 15' high or more, but they turned all gray and brown. They cut them down to the ground, and wouldn't you know it -- they started to come back. They're bushy and about 4' tall now, and tonight I noticed that a couple of them are blooming.You can't keep Mother Nature down.

  11. I didn't know that those songs in my head were called 'Ear Worms'! You basically wrote the same scenario that I go through each night in trying to get to sleep. AND, these songs hit me off and on throughout the day as well! Good to know I'm not alone, but seriously, I have an incredible amount of difficulty getting to sleep and sleeping through the night. After about 3 hrs. I have to pee, so there's that. Then, it's back to bed and trying to return to sleep. Some mornings I am so deep into my dream that when I do wake up, it's hard to shake the images and feelings of the dream. They're that vivid... no idea why, but my dreams most often contain dead family members. Bizarre...

  12. I have had continuous ear worms without ceasing for decades. Jim is forbidden to play certain songs on youtube or the radio because after they lodge in my head for days on end it's painful. Queen is on the forbidden list. Just thinking about them puts a song in my head. The frustrating thing is that I never hear the entire song, just a refrain on infinite loop.


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