Wednesday, September 29, 2021

getting started and much needed rain

I have that mold over in the studio to fill and Sunday I even went over and pulled jars of frit off the shelf and onto the table and I sit here unmotivated. Today is my usual day to do the week's grocery shopping and again I sit here unmotivated putting it off til tomorrow. I've been having bouts of insomnia, did again last night, a couple of hours at least, which makes me sleep late and so I don't get my exercise routine in before breakfast. Add to that I had to jump start my day before I was even remotely ready, fixing my breakfast early so that I could go pick up my grandgirl Robin and get her to her first day of work on time as she doesn't have a car and the parents did not make any arrangements so that she could get to work, granted they do leave early to get to their own jobs in the city. I did volunteer yesterday to take her if need be when I talked to her but I'm not going to be available every day. I've bailed out my grandson many times, helped the twins now and then, but Robin has never asked me for anything so I'm glad to do it for her when I can.

I wrote the above yesterday and I did actually move my butt over to the studio and started on the mold. Didn't get far, just the green sheaths the flowers descend from but it's a start. Doubt I'll get much done on it today if anything as I still have to do the aforementioned grocery shop and the dishes need to be done and pick up Robin from work and take her home and it's a yoga class night.

In a show of good timing, my yellow trumpet flower has a couple of open blooms.

My white orchid flower tree made a couple of seed pods this year for the first time ever. It's getting big enough now that I'm going to have to think about planting it in the ground somewhere as it's getting too hard to move it around to protect it in the winter and unlike the purple orchid flower tree/shrub planted over at the shop, which has never bloomed because it has frozen to the ground every winter since I planted it, this one has thorns. A little out of focus but there it is.

We finally got some much needed rain yesterday, 1 3/4” - 2 1/2” depending on whose rain gauge, one at either end of the street. It dropped that amount of rain in about 30 – 40 minutes amid lots of lightning and thunder and high wind. I had to drive through it coming back from picking up Robin after work and it was raining so hard as I neared the house that I was going only 20 mph and still couldn't see a damn thing. Pulled in the driveway and had to wait it out in the car because I would have been drenched by the time it took me to go the six feet to the garage. The power was off when I made it in the house. A lightning strike...the flash and boom almost simultaneous followed by a sizzle had knocked out at least four transformers in the neighborhood but they had the power back on by a little after 6 PM. Bonus for me since it was my night to cook and we have an electric stove so I got takeout from the place down the road; fried catfish, bacon potatoes, mustard greens, fried okra.

Another thunderstorm came through last night dropping another two inches so I didn't get much sleep last night either thanks to a panicky little dog. Four inches in 12 hours and no standing water in the low spots, that's how dry it was and more predicted for the next three days and late afternoon today so I'll probably be canceling yoga class this evening.

I can't even read some days about our political situation with the republicans filibustering everything the democrats want to do for the common people and to rebuild our faltering infrastructure. Now they won't even vote for a stopgap government funding bill or raise the debt ceiling, something they did three times when Trump was in office after their massive tax cuts to the rich and greedy adding trillions to our national debt, just to make Biden look bad. They don't give a shit about this country, our democracy, or the other 98%. The only thing they care about is power. And the two democrats in name only who won't vote to get rid of the filibuster which was put in place to guarantee white men would stay in power are playing right into their hands. And what's going on with the 1/6 commission? They've issued subpoenas that are being ignored and it remains to be seen if they will enforce them. It's just all too depressing to think about


  1. Damn, honey. You are working your ass off. I'm so sorry you're having insomnia. That is the worst and it affects everything in your life- physical and mental health. I hope it resolves itself soon.
    Also? That dinner from down the road sounds amazing.

  2. That awful poor sleep business. It's all we not need in life. Hope you get back to a decent night soon.

  3. What with the poor sleep and all, it's a bit downish today. I hope the grand girl figures out her way to work and back. Not right for it to fall on you, even if willing now and then.

  4. I'm so sorry that you experience insomnia. I do too. I lay awake for hours in the night contemplating nothing at all. It's always such a bummer. And speaking of bummers, the times we're living in scare me all the way to my rickety old bones. I cannot believe this is actually going on right before my eyes. I can't handle any of this.
    Four inches of rain in twelve hours is pretty wild!

  5. Is your orchid tree this one? It's so pretty. There's one down at the Brazoria refuge, but it looks like it took quite a hit in the freeze. It has a little growth on it, though. We haven't gotten nearly the rain that was predicted. It stopped today by about 10 in the morning, and stayed dry. I won't complain, because it allowed me to get a pretty good day of work in, but I wouldn't mind if we got more rain. Like you, we need it.

    I don't usually remember my dreams, but I had a weird one a couple of nights ago. I dreamed that I was asleep, and dreaming. It was like picture-in-picture: a dream within a dream. So strange. I don't usually have trouble sleeping, but I stayed awake for a while after that one -- mostly because I was trying to figure it out.

    1. Nope, the flowers on mine are much narrower. I believe it's Bauhinia aculeata.

      I went for a long spell of not remembering mine but lately that's changed.

  6. Those two democrats in the democratically controlled congress are really bad guys.
    I hope Robin soon makes a friend with someone with a car! That's generally what they do.

  7. Politics is making me crazy too - so depressing. What's really sad is that we couldn't win a bigger majority so that we wouldn't have to go through this.

    I hate when I can't sleep! It's pretty rare, but it definitely affects me negatively when it happens. Here's hoping you have nice dreamless sleep tonight!

  8. I have never heard of an orchid tree with thorns! And UGH -- I hate it when I can't sleep.

    Ultimately it is up to the voters to see through Republican malfeasance. If we're incapable of that -- and many appear to be -- then sadly, we're getting the government we deserve. Admittedly Republicans have also sneakily managed to engineer the system to their benefit, i.e. through manipulating voter laws, but the people have to be able to see through their shenanigans and take action at the ballot box.

    1. my white orchid tree is Bauhinia aculeata.

      and unfortunately you are right, democrats need to be determined to vote especially with all the voter suppression tactics by the republicans.

  9. No okra please.
    Yes, I can't stand reading about the Washington DC mess right now. They are holding us hostage.


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