Friday, August 13, 2021

progress and clouds

Here's the cartoon for the luna moth piece. It's not really a drawing but a pattern for cutting out the layers of wax for the model. It will be much simpler than the angel trumpet models; one layer for the leaves and caterpillar and two for the moth. This one will be 6” x 8”.

And here's the detailed drawing of the luna moth, also a pattern.

I haven't worked on the drowned feather piece again because other chores got in the way, like going to the grocery store on Tuesday and making a trip into Rosenberg to the liquor warehouse on Wednesday while Marc made the first of the angel trumpet molds. And a mountain of plates and silverware took up my time between lunch and yoga. And Thursday at SHARE though I did clean up the mold and did my volume measure that afternoon.

Also Thursday Marc got the cracked hose bib off the rest of the contraption and replaced it with a new one but now the converter piece that allows me to attach the outside hose to the hose bib is missing, I've looked all over the shop, the studio, the garage, and even in the house to no avail. So now I have to go out and get a new one of those (which I did but it took me two stores to find it).

Friday I selected my colors (and color combinations) and so now I'm ready to begin filling the first trumpet flower mold.

Then I worked out in the yard for about an hour and when I came in I was totally drenched with sweat from working in the shade! And believe it or not I set up the sprinkler in one of the flower beds.

And it is August on the Texas Gulf Coast Plains. UGH. Hot and humid, the sky filled with puffy clouds which are quite beautiful as long as you're looking at them from inside an air conditioned space or as you dash from one place to another. Though really it hasn't been as hot as it could be, all this regular rain has kept temps in the low 90s.

And the rangoon creeper.


  1. I love watching your art unfold. It always makes me wish I had some kind of artistic ability at all.
    The sky there is absolutely beautiful. Those cloud photos are lovely. We still have smoky skies here.

  2. I'm following the mysteries of your process, and wanting hundreds of pictures!

  3. Same here with the clouds. Just big puffy white things, floating on by. And the heat. It is intolerable for me. The garden is ready to be pulled to wait for the fall plantings.
    What a glory that luna moth is going to be.

  4. I can't wait to see them in glass. I noticed the puffy clouds too Thursday and yesterday. I thought it would rain but nope. That Rangoon creeper is so pretty!

  5. It's going to be a great piece. Monsoonal clouds here.

  6. The luna moth will be beautiful! And it's interesting to see how you match the glass colors to their real-life subjects.

  7. I've never seen a real luna moth. They are gorgeous creatures, and there's no question your interpretation in glass will be, too. Those rain shafts in the second cloud photo are great. I've been seeing a good bit of virga in our morning clouds, and this morning I was sitting at my desk about 6 and thought: "What is that sound?" It was rain. I don't suppose we got more than a couple of tenths of an inch, but it's always nice to have any at all to kind of help things along.

  8. Just beautiful--your clouds, your glass, everything. I passed a link to your blog to a dear friend who nurtures Monarch Butterflies in her back yard (planting plants that they like and encouraging their residence in her yard). I know she will enjoy watching your Lunar Moth evolve, as will I.

  9. Thank you so much for all the light and color in this post. All the color and light here is diminished because of the smoke.

    Beautiful drawing of the luna moth. It is a joy to see your art work.

  10. Your artwork is so unique and creative, I absolutely love it!

    PS I'd like to invite you to follow me too, if you'd like :)

  11. A cartoon is a weaving tool, too, placed under the warp, to follow in weaving to create an inlay pattern. A skill I never became very good at, but we had a talented cartoon artist in town and even own one of her hangings. A branch of golden gold finches.
    The colors for your trumpet flower mold are wonderful. Perfect.

  12. It's been in the 90s here this past week, and also very humid. Fortunately my life revolves around getting from one air-conditioned place to another - although my car doesn't cool down as quickly as I'd like.

    I'm very excited to watch the process of the luna moth & trumpet flower!


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