Friday, August 6, 2021

little progress and old work

I've been working on the drawing for the luna moth piece, nothing to show yet but it's coming together in my mind. I thought I would use the 5” stand but decided on one of the 6” stands instead. And I think all three stands will have moths or butterflies. I did a series of vase forms  in 2006 with moth and butterfly inspired patterns. I still have one of them. These are all 6" w x 6"d x 6"h.

Sulfur butterfly, the colors were supposed to be much paler but they came out intense.

Buckeye butterfly

Cecropia moth (the one in my possession)

Hackberry Emperor moth

Oleander Hawk moth

Other than that I haven't made much progress this week besides cleaning off the drowned feather piece. I did go over to the shop and looked at my cold working station which is a total mess. I need to figure out how to hang the Foredom (a flex shaft off hand engraver, kind of like a dremel except the hand piece and the motor are separate) since Gene took the metal stand I had been using when he came and picked up all his stuff. My 12” flat lap is muerto I think. Last time I tried to use it in 2019 it was sluggish and wouldn't turn to speed which is why I did all that grinding on the heron box by hand.

Wednesday I drove into the city to get a fresh bag of hydrocal plaster for the new molds. I drove through rain, then a slow down because of a wreck, then when I took my exit the street was closed because of a gas leak and I was detoured back to the previous exit. I did finally make it to the Ceramic Store and made my purchase and ran into Chin, the ceramicist that participates in our open house every year, or did. I don't think they will be reprised once this covid thing is under control, if it ever gets under control. So it was nice to visit with him for a few minutes. The drive back was quicker and uneventful.

And then Thursday was SHARE day which started out very slow but the last half hour was hectic. Also kitchen maintenance day, a little work on the sketch, and then yoga class.

The other thing on my mind is it's time to find an ophthalmologist and get a referral for the cataract surgery the optometrist said I was going to need by the end of the year. I'm not seeing that my eyesight is being affected yet besides the improvement, still don't need glasses to read anymore, but what do I know. Maybe it should be brighter and clearer and more 'blue' (as my brother said after his cataract surgery).

Still ignoring politics though I did see today that the Trumpists are planning a rally/protest at the Capitol this month to protest the treatment of the 'political prisoners' arrested for their participation in the 'peaceful' rally on 1/6. And that Trump is meeting with his Cabinet as if he's conducting a shadow government. The delusion is deep with these people.



  1. I'm sorry - I have a 12 year old boy inside my head so this made me giggle: "Foredom (a flex shaft off hand...)

    Those vases are GORGEOUS!

  2. Those! And if you say that you are working on the luna moth design in your head, I know that you are truly working on it because that is where it all starts.
    WHY are these people still trying to stick themselves into Trump's backwash? What is the point? And what do they think the benefits will be? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Will we never be rid of him? I'm not sure even death would do the trick.

  3. Beautiful vases, every one of them.
    I wonder if trump will go away ever, even dead.

  4. I love that you make your vases with butterfly designs. It's so beautiful. Such a great idea!
    Will we ever see the end of this pandemic and Trump? It's a double bummer of endless dread.

  5. The vases are so lovely. You are such a gifted artist, Ellen!

  6. Those vases are gorgeous. I never would have thought of using butterfly wing patterns, but they really work. I had my cataract surgery and lens implants done at Houston Eye Associates on Grammercy -- approximately Kirby and Holcombe. Colby Stewart was the surgeon: cataracts and one lens one day, then the second lens a couple of weeks later. It was amazingly easy as far as the procedure was concerned. I didn't even have one of the 'let's help you relax' pills the second time. The biggest 'problem' I had was that I had to wear sunglasses at the computer for three or four days -- they really dilate your eyes!

    1. thanks for the recommendation but I'd rather not go all the way into Houston if I don't have to. did you ever get any peaches?

  7. Gorgeous work! I love the buckeye one.


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