Wednesday, November 11, 2020

it's fall, no, really, it's fall

It's nearly mid-November but you wouldn't know it by the temperature. I finally had to revert back to shorts yesterday. And I'm back to having to water nearly every day. Nevertheless, leaves are steadily raining down from the pecans, the tallows, and the ginkgoes and both backyards are nearly covered.

what passes for fall color around here

The orange cosmos and the confederate rose are still putting on displays, the sulfurs are still passing through but they are shy and won't let me take their picture. A monarch was a little more accommodating but the picture is out of focus. The firespike is blooming and the bromeliads are putting out their fall flower spikes.

I've been over at the shop taking more pictures for the Square shopping site and then spent the afternoon over there hanging some of the work that's been wrapped up in boxes. If no one's going to to buy it and no open house this year (besides the online Heights Artisan Market) I might as well enjoy looking at it myself.

I do keep some pieces for my personal collection but not these. They will all still be available for sale. Now, I've done everything there is to do over there beside actual work so tomorrow the plan is to spend a couple of hours over there starting on new work after I get back from the dermatologist appointment that I made 2 1/2 months ago, the soonest I could get in. It's in the morning when I would normally be at SHARE but it's a food delivery day so they won't really need me.

And it looks like I'll be taking over the yoga class because Abby's husband is infected and she's in quarantine along with their kids. I still think the indoor/outdoor venue is safe enough and our attendance usually runs between 6 to 12 and we are all well spread out so I'm searching the internet for vinyasas (a series of asanas [poses] where one flows into another) just for something different. 

This isn't the only close to home hit though. Rocky and family were all exposed last Saturday via a girlfriend of one of the sons. They're all getting tested but it may be too soon as it would take a few days to show up if they were infected.

Stay safe out there people. Covid is burgeoning and Trump, well, all he cares about is playing golf and raiding the national treasury. Do what Dr. Fauci says...wear a mask, avoid large gatherings especially inside, social distance, and wash your hands. A vaccine won't be readily available til April at the earliest.


  1. Beautiful fall flowers there. Really sorry to read about the virus striking so close to home. Please take care and stay safe.

  2. Vaccine: Maybe earlier for those of us in the high risk categories. Love your art. Admire all that you do. I do aerobics for an hour several times a week, and that's it.

  3. Yes, trying to decide if Thanksgiving with my children and their families is safe or not. I want to see them but don't want anyone to get sick...UGH!
    Your artwork is lovely. Good luck with your sales.

  4. I just went over to your website and took a look at your work there. I do love those feathers -- if I come into an inheritance from a previously unknown relative, I'd buy a couple, el pronto! I must say I'm loving this weather. The only real irritation in my life just now is that YouTube is down, and I spent ten minutes trying to figure out what was wrong until I figured out it's the site, and thousands are grumping about it.

  5. Yes, suddenly staying safe is paramount. Your state and mine both are down the rabbit hole, and my republican governor has gone from a hero to a zero on effectively dealing with a pandemic.
    I believe your pieces enjoy talking to each other, too. Good to have them out.

  6. Hot here too. And so humid. Mostly humid, really. Strange fall. Strange year.
    I have so many zebra-winged butterflies on my fire spike.
    I'm glad you've put your artwork up. It's good to be reminded of what you do- what you have done, and to inspire you to what you will do.

  7. Yes to unpacking the artwork and letting them live with you. I have no exhibit opportunities at the moment but I'm still working, as you do.
    I'm sorry the virus is so close to you. We're having to keep on distancing and generally doing all the boring precautions, too. Tedious and scary at the same time.

  8. I'm glad you hung your artwork. As you said, why not enjoy it? That Covid IS hitting a little close to home, isn't it? I guess it's no worse than the handful of people we've had test positive at our school, though.

  9. I love seeing your artwork displayed!

    We've had torrential rain the last two days. And this morning our power went out just as I was getting up to get ready for work. Took a quick shower & went into the office early - and of course the power came back on while I was driving in.

    My best friend/cousin has COVID - got her results on Tuesday. The last time we were together was last Wednesday - we both wore masks, but we were walking together at the mall & I know we weren't 6 feet apart. We were together for about half an hour. I should possibly be concerned... We were supposed to talk on the phone last night but she's been coughing too much :(

  10. Yikes, I think we all know people who have been infected now, hopefully with a milder strain. Your artwork is lovely. I'm going to go browse your site, which I've just noticed on your sidebar.

  11. The feathers are such stunners!
    Do stay safe, it's a hard time.


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