Monday, November 9, 2020

basking in the joy and more bullshit

Wandered around outside Sunday for a while noticing all the honeybees, bumble and other solitary bees, and wasps all over the confederate rose blooms 

and the tall orange cosmos, watching the sulfurs that are migrating through now, must have been 4 or 5 of them in the yard, and thinking about plants I want to move and if I felt like working out in the yard. It was pleasant enough in the shade but hot in the sun. Eventually I came in, got my book and settled down to relax and read.

 After four years of physical and spiritual heaviness, enduring the daily dismantling of our country and our democracy supported by the Republicans, watching Trump's lies and hate and spite be expressed by fellow citizens against other fellow citizens and then finally having all that lifted off, the relief and joy expressed by not only Americans dancing in the street but worldwide, a relaxed afternoon with a book and maybe a nap for pleasure instead of escape is back to being one of life's simple contentments knowing Joe and Kamala are already hard at work to repair the damage.

It won't be easy especially if we don't get the Senate this time (another chance in 2022) because...Mitch McConnell. But at the very least we get a four year respite from the continuing aggression of the very rich and those who think an authoritarian will solve all our problems by making everybody bend to one will. They will of course but only those in authority or the very rich will have any rights.

Really, I'm trying to wean myself off the constant news feed but the republican shit show just keeps on and on and it's hard to not pay attention during one of the biggest crises our country has faced. I mean I would have missed Giuliani’s presser in the parking lot of the Four Seasons Landscaping Company next door to the 'dildo shop' (as one tweeter put it) and across the street from the Crematorium. The whole thing is part horror show and part comedy routine.

It is disappointing that so few Republicans have had the good grace to congratulate Biden/Harris but I guess it was unrealistic to think that they would all of a sudden find some integrity and of course Trump's appointee to the GSA is refusing to let Biden's transition team start like every transition team has for every other election, another precedent trampled upon by Trump et al. So, as usual with this version of the Republican party, it's party and power over country and giving peaceful transfer of power a big 'fuck you'. Legally though, until the states certify and turn in their election results which must be done no later than mid-December, the winner is not 'official' and Trump and the republicans are entitled to and are going to use that time to cast doubt on probably the most observed election of all time. I mean, if ever there was an election that everyone, and I mean everyone, was determined to be above reproach, especially democrats, this was it. And that's the problem, that knowing they lost, and they do, they are still determined to muddy the waters and so they file lawsuits even though they have zero evidence and so far they've all been thrown out as frivolous. Now Barr has come up for air and stated that the justice department will investigate voter irregularities for which there is evidence of wrongdoing. It's just posturing but it will help convince those leaning that way anyway that fraud was rampant.


Because they can't just trot this up to the Supreme Court without having gone through the court system and I have to believe that even those judges put in place by McConnell these four years will not throw away their careers and legacies by falsifying a legitimate election.

I could be wrong.

I will eventually write about something else.

NOTE: update on the cat...I declared her completely recovered from the accident about two weeks ago when she reverted to her normal annoying self but I'm still not letting her out the garage door so she spends her days outside in the fenced little backyard.


  1. yes all that you said...oh, and the orange turd is planning his come back in true reality show fashion. Going to run again if things do not go his way this time. I can not believe this country, The spell over it- soon to be broken. AND we have our flag back.
    Your photos are amazing, It is so cold her and dark, I think that surly it must be the same every where else. Thanks for the beauty!

  2. I'm glad the cat is recovered. I have a real sense of dread about this Trump situation. I think the Republicans feel like they have to support him because their constituents expect it -- but I hope they are prepared to eventually, firmly and unequivocally state that this election was free and fair. Otherwise we'll be even more divided. Dangerously so, I suspect.

  3. We knew that if Biden won that this would happen. Or some variation. It is absolutely a shit show and will continue to be one until the inevitable conclusion is reached.
    I am so glad that your cat is fine now. One must wonder how many lives cats actually have? More than nine, I would think. And your flowers are a glory.

  4. I'm exhausted already by all of this posturing by Republicans. I wish they would all just shut up and go away. I can't believe we're going to have to put up with all of this for another month (or more). Ugh.
    So glad that your kitty cat is fine. I love good news like this.

  5. I'm so ready to stop being worried about this election! I need to focus on how we're going to do socially distant Thanksgiving & Christmas. That should give me something else to think about.

  6. Ah well, who ever expected anything less ugly. But I resent it when people call this behaviour childish because children usually pick up the pieces after a short tantrum of letting it all hang out. Kids are way better.

    Good news about the cat!

  7. Glad she recovered, and glad too that we agree of the Trump distractions. I still ask George every morning when I wake up if Trump has abdicated yet?

  8. This has to stop. I was so happy, now I'm back to grinding my teeth. He just has to go.

  9. You are right that this was the most observed election of all times! We have never had so many views of people actually counting the ballots with observers there to watcch. You cannot fake that many extra votes in that many different states when everyone was watching! Trump and his group are looking ridiculous and acting like they do not know how elections actually work!

  10. The New York Times reported Trump plans to keep his control over the GOP Senate by creating a Political Action Committee to continue to raise funds and therefore pull strings with the Republican party...they better watch out he will be stealing off the top same as his old buddy Bannon.

  11. We are still in knots and frustrated by this election because it actually is not over, and may be not over

  12. I did not realize how tense I was until Biden was projected as the presumptive winner. It was like a weight lifted. The snake in the big white house is in hiding!


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