Tuesday, October 22, 2019

three more days

Sunday – I swept the little patio and rearranged some of the pots and one of the plant stands in the little backyard, picked up 5 piles of trash, set the sprinkler up, pulled some weeds in one part of one flower bed (and got poked in the eye for my trouble), mixed up some dirt and composted peat and repotted several things, got the lobelia and the pony foot in pots, dug up and potted 7 volunteer confederate roses, raked the leaves off the concrete pad in front of the garage and moved them to a low spot in the big backyard, took down the shade cloth, pulled up the last of the zinnias, dug up one of the penstemons and potted it up temporarily because some critter keeps digging under it and tearing up it's roots, picked up pocketfuls of pecans, and got at least 50 fire ant bites on my feet. I had to come in and soak them in cold water at one point.

Then I came in, took my shower, cleaned the kitchen, fed the dog and took her for her (short) walk.

And I am done, toast, tired, might go to bed as soon as I eat dinner.

Monday – a miserable night with thunder and lightning and rain and a berserk dog who kept trying to dig a hole in the bed under the pillows trembling and panting and would not be still. We got 2” of rain so I guess I won't be doing the weeding and pansy planting I had planned. Guess I'll clean off my work tables and desk.

I did get the big work table and the desk cleared

and picked up another 2 1/2 gallons of pecans that the storm blew down.

Tuesday - An hour before leaving for yoga last night I got a text from another yogi that our teacher wouldn't be there and would I be there to help her lead the class. Yes, I told her, and so I ended up leading the class. I don't really mind now that I have my list of asanas to pick from and having done it a handful of times now I'm getting more comfortable doing it.

I don't walk the dog until I get home for now. That will change as the days get shorter and I'll walk her before class but last night we were out at sunset and it was glorious.

And it's a glorious day today so I'll be outside getting my plans for yesterday done today.

One last pic...the dog's opinion of cold weather.


  1. Hah! I would have to agree with the dog's assessment of cold weather.

  2. Beautiful sunset pictures. OMG! That looks like Lucy when she gets cold. I swear they are kin. I have to move my lemon trees to a sunny spot. The tree next door casts a large shady spot over the courtyard, which is nice for when I want to sit outside but bad for my plants. I'm thinking of moving everything to the side of the house near the carport. It's always sunny there.

  3. My eyes were kind of glazing over as you described your Sunday. I don't think I can comprehend that much industry. I only had TWO things on my list to do on Sunday & I didn't do either one. Love the photo of Minnie - so cute!

  4. Beautiful sunset pictures! And that's as clean as the office would get in my house!

  5. And suddenly, for a little while at least, we are living very divergent lives. I have left home and garden behind and am dealing with other sorts of work although hopefully, that part is over for now.
    Your sunset was gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful evening skies, as is the light in your workroom.
    When I read about all your gardening work I sigh with relief that R is adamant that he can do it all so much better.

  7. You have so much energy and accomplish so much. I have been putting away my gardens for over a week and still have half to go. I need some Vitameatavegamin.

  8. I love that picture of Minnie! Olga feels the same way. She wouldn't even go on her walk this morning. And I'm glad you have critters digging your plants up too. (Well, not GLAD, but relieved that you have the same problem I do!)

  9. Great photos, love the light in your studio, love Minnie's cold weather solution, and what a majestic sky.

  10. You sound like you've been very busy, there always seems to be something need doing in the garden no matter what the time of year. Both our dogs hate the thunder, it's upsetting for me also to see them that way and not being able to comfort them. It has been a bit drier here this week so I have managed to pretty much stick to my plans.

  11. I love your photos of the sky and clouds and of your dog all wrapped up against the cold.


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