Tuesday, October 1, 2019

here we are finally

That selfish self-centered lying racist admitted sexual predator mob boss of a criminal in the White House is under an impeachment investigation. The House will do its job. It remains to be seen if the Senate will defend the Constitution or protect the criminal in the White House.

Trump, in his profound ignorance of the law and of the contents of the Constitution thought there was nothing wrong with withholding promised aid to help Ukraine stave off Russia as a bargaining chip to get them to dig up/manufacture dirt on Biden and his son in order to discredit his possible political opponent in the upcoming election. Against the law.

Aides knew better. Some were so alarmed they passed the info along to others in the intelligence community, some were so alarmed they moved the recording of the call to a secret server meant for classified national security items so as to remove it from possible discovery. Now we have learned that calls with Putin and Saudi Arabia have also been moved to that secret server. Cover up.

When the whistleblower turned his information over to the proper authority it was deemed a credible and immediate threat but instead of getting it turned over to The House as the law demanded, AG Barr tried to bury it and it was only because the news services got wind of it that they finally released it to the House. Obstruction of justice.

The supposedly rich profoundly ignorant Trump went to the NRA to ask them to fund his impeachment defense. The NRA says sure, be glad to in exchange for making gun reform dead in the water. Against the law.

It has also come out that Trump has AG Barr and Secretary of State Pompeo traveling to other countries and asking their intelligence services to help investigate our intelligence agencies regarding the FBI's investigation into Russian operative interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign's connections to those Russian operatives which Trump tried to suppress and eventually resulted in the Mueller investigation which he also wants to discredit even though he thinks it exonerated him (it didn't) because he wants to prove that the Democrats put the FBI up to it to discredit him. Trump has stated publicly that he has no confidence in out intelligence agencies, preferring to believe whatever Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia tell him. Obstruction of justice.

It's a circus. Trump claims his innocence and releases a reconstructed account of the call which basically shores up the whistleblower complaint, the White House accidentally sends Democrats their talking points to counteract the accusation and then asks them to please delete it, staunch supporter Lindsey Graham loudly discusses their secret strategy to combat the impeachment inquiry in public on a plane, Trump implicates his AG Barr and his lawyer Giuliani, Giuliani implicates the State Department, and the special envoy to Ukraine resigned after his name was dragged into it. Trump will throw everyone under the bus in an attempt to stop its forward motion before it gets to him showing no loyalty to those from whom he expects complete loyalty but that hasn't stopped the GOP from staunchly defending him even though they took an oath of office to protect and defend America and the Constitution.

And now there might be a second whistleblower trying to decide whether or not to come forward concerning possible interference from Trump regarding the audit of his taxes.

In the meantime Trump is doing what he does, tweeting constantly about how maligned he is, no other president has ever had this kind of harassment (though I expect our four assassinated presidents would argue that point), how perfect he is, how hateful everyone is, insulting everyone against him, insinuating that the whistleblower (who is now under federal protection from Trump and his followers after two of them offered a $50K bounty for his identity) is a spy and should be dealt with accordingly like in the old days, the Republicans are in attack mode accusing the Democrats of 'dividing the country' and not working to pass bipartisan legislature, and by that they mean whatever it is Trump wants, while the Republican Senate ignores the 200 or so bills passed by the House on everything from gun control to election interference protection.

Never have we had a president who takes the word of dictators and national enemies over our own intelligence agencies, who demeans large groups of American citizens on the world stage and at home, who has nasty nicknames for anyone who opposes him, who refuses to read or listen to advice, who asks other countries to investigate the people in this country responsible for its safety, who thinks he is above the law and acts accordingly, who thinks the presidency is/should be all powerful, who puts the fucking foxes in charge of the hen houses, who claims there will be a civil war if he is impeached or even voted out of office, and then complains that he is not being treated fairly.

Madam Pelosi had withheld against the calls for impeachment because she would rather have had him voted out of office but when faced with the whistleblower document knew her duty. Take note Trump and Republicans, when in an interview she was asked if she thought pursuing the impeachment inquiry would have a negative effect on her and Democrats chances of re-election, she responded, (paraphrased because I can't find the actual quote again) 'it doesn't matter, our duty to protect the constitution is clear'.

This is what a true patriot does.


  1. I think you've summed it all up pretty well here, Ellen.
    Yep. I do believe you have.

  2. I may just print this out and hang it on the wall.
    You're a brilliant glass artist, Ellen, but have you ever thought about becoming a columnist?

  3. Trump presents a clear and present danger to the country. The House will hear testimony of the whistleblower and of the clowns in the White House protecting the president. If everything goes accordingly the Senate won't go to trial with the evidence to impeach until after the November election for which we are hoping to turn congress blue. So, what I'm saying is we may not hear anything until after January 2, 202 when congress reconvenes.

  4. He does horribly cruel, dishonest things every day. This one “might” be what brings him down. What happens after 45 won’t be good and it will take years to to get through it, but this man and his cronies are terrorists to our Constitution, and all that is moral and sane, and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

  5. I have been seething all day about the refusals to respond to subpoenas and turn over documents
    This is a nation of laws??? But I thought that was the crime of the immigrants? Breaking our laws!
    I sorta got the idea that you are upset, too, Ellen! Rightfully so. 😤

  6. My parents were immigrants and entered legally. They were, in fact, tested for disease and learned what it meant to become an American. They did not get ahead of the line and criminally ignore and break our laws to sneak into this country. Legal immigrants are always welcome. We are, after all the great melting pot of humanity. However, what is concerning to me is that the left never mentions the difference between legal and illegal. Why is that? Criminals are not welcome, no matter what the color of their skin. Wait your turn to come here. That does not make me a bigot...it makes you dishonest.

    1. immigration policy is a completely different issue and was not mentioned in this post. but since you bring it up, if you think the 'left' never brings up legal and illegal, then you are not paying attention. stop watching Fox. they lie. stop listening to Trump, he lies. and by the way, for most of this country's existence, getting here was all you needed to do to get here legally. were your parents caged under heinous conditions for months while they waited to see if their application was accepted? asylum seekers are here legally. how Trump treats them is cruel and inhumane.

  7. I'm proud of Speaker Pelosi. Three years ago, when folks wished she would not be re-elected speaker, I said she should; in Washington she knows how to get things done and she will, and has (note the plethora of bills passed to the Senate!). Most gratifying of all is her move now to protect the constitution, in spite of what it may do to the 2020 election. I'm commencing to believe, it won't be a pint of water over Niagara Falls.

  8. Once again, a most excellent summary of the current insanity.

  9. You are preachin' to the choir here at my house. I am afraid that the Senate will not do the job they were elected to do. Hope runs deep.

  10. Sadly, it may have a negative effect on the election. His base hears what they want to hear, believes whatever he says. And then there is the little matter of voting machine hacking which may well make the results a foregone conclusion, frankly. But Pelosi is right. They have a duty to impeach the criminal in chief.


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