Sunday, July 21, 2019

slow progress but new gutters

Well, I thought we would do the egg and the sticks first but I decided to do a color sample for the egg before we do those so I've filled the mold for the top and have spent several hours looking at pictures of blue herons and listing the colors that I think I'll need and getting everything accumulated. And as long as I'm doing one color sample, I might as well do a few more. As mentioned, looking at all the pictures, I had thought that the inlay would be a difficult one but maybe not. Doing the hummingbird twice gave me some valuable experience that I think/hope will translate into the heron and future birds.

Also as mentioned, I led the yoga class Wednesday night. I did, in fact, jot down a list of asanas beforehand and it was much easier. I didn't have to think on the spot, just look at my list...seated, hands and knees, stomach, standing, back...and it went very well I think. Still, I'll be glad when Abby comes back but I won't be so resistant next time she asks me to cover for her.

I was planning to get the mold for the inlay of the heron head filled today but so far all I've managed is to do is grind off the points on a tiny chunk of glass for the iris of the eye and place it in the mold. 

The fact that Rocky and another son, Manny, are here to finally get my gutters replaced isn't helping. Well, if not today, then tomorrow. In the meantime I'm mentally going over how I'm going to blend the colors.


So I did start on the heron head inlay yesterday and so much for it not being as difficult as I thought it would be since it took me several hours and lots of cursing to get this far which is not very far at all. 

Now I'm just waiting for Rocky to finish getting the downspouts in place today to get it finished. Too hard to concentrate when I get interrupted off and on.

While I'm waiting on that I went ahead and poured melted wax into the mold of the small log I've been working on. The plaster impregnated bandages arrived the other day and I had applied two layers of strips over the 12 coats of latex. I didn't want it too stiff, just enough to support the outside so that I could pop the wax replica out easily.


  1. This is all so mysterious to me. I love it.

  2. I really never knew there was so much work involved with glass art. I am completely enthralled. So cool.

  3. This is fascinating. I can't think of any other descriptor. Like watching magic. Not the magician, but the magic.

  4. The results of your labor and creativity is always beautiful. I am sure this one will be stunning.

  5. That log is amazing! It is also an amazing amount of work.

  6. I think it's hard for me to completely imagine how much work goes into these pieces. Hearing about these steps and the attention to detail (going over colors for HOURS!) boggles my mind.

    1. well, maybe not HOURS. but I do spend a lot of time contemplating the colors and how to layer them in because I'm working with transparent glasses.

  7. I know what you mean about interruptions!!


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