Sunday, July 7, 2019

Rockport Art Festival 2019

You might remember about this time last year my sister and I went to the Rockport Art Festival. I did a post on it. We made plans to go again this year and so we did. That was today. There were a lot of the same artists this year as last but also new ones taking the places of those not back. I didn't take as many pictures this year. I don't know if there was less to get excited about or because I didn't bother with some artists that caught my attention last year even though their work was just as fine.

Anyway we wanted to get there when it opened so we left about 8 and by the time we had parked and got in and made use of the facilities after the two hour+ drive and made it to the booth of the pastel artist who does the most exquisite drawings of birds it had been open about 40 minutes. I wanted to make a beeline for James Offeman to see if he had some smaller work than the ones he had left when we came across his booth last year. Forty minutes into the show and his spot was crowded and he had already sold at least 4 of his pastels. He did have two smaller works, neither of which thrilled me into spending what he was asking though they were wonderful and I would have paid the price. I didn't take any pictures then as it was too crowded and we never went back but you can see his work in last year's post or even do an image search.

As usual, there was some great art and some head scratchers that left you wondering how the hell it got juried in. Lots of painters (24) and jewelers (22) and ceramics (14) and mixed media (16). All the other categories had 10 or less, 8 in the 'glass' category and with the exception of the guy I included here it was all amateur fused stuff.

So on to what did catch my eye for whatever reason...

Stacy Gressel - encaustic and mixed media

Barbara Francis - pottery

starfish box

Unknown jeweler - They had gone off and forgotten their cards and I didn't ask their name I narrowed it down to 12 out of the 22 jewelers based on the photos that preceded and followed but could not find any images that matched this picture. I have an idea but I'm not certain so whoever you are, remember your cards next time because I loved your work.

Bill Killian – carved wood sculpture (no internet presence)

Aly Winningham – mixed media mosaics – I love her work!!! Went by this one twice and I also posted about her work last year. I really wanted one of her pieces, want one of her pieces. When I came back her helper there asked me if I decided which one. I told her yes and no. Yes, I was going to buy one but no not today. I want one of the larger pieces than the smallest she had so I want to save up some money, got on her mailing list and they have several open houses at the studio during the year so I plan to make the trek up to the hill country for the next one.

I almost bought this one

Christopher Alan Smith – hand drawn maps – gorgeous work

Craig Riches – kinetic metal sculpture - the picture is from his website because while I picked up his card I failed to take a picture of the piece I liked

Ann Feldmeir – pottery – I would never buy one of these lidded bowls but I thought they were kind of clever

Lorie Dorpinghaus (no internet presence and I failed to get her card) - handcrafted silk Japanese shibori tie dye garments and scarves

soft and luxurious camisole, if I was a lady of leisure and means I would have bought this

Cindy Gentry – flame work bead and silver jewelry

Robert Derwick – carved glass and painted


  1. some head scratchers that left you wondering how the hell it got juried in
    Called in off the wait list to replace an artist who cancelled last minute, and if you want to check this out next year, probably local enough to be able to get to the show on short notice. Those were my observations.
    The Hoeksema pottery I would covet, but never trust myself to preserve intact. It looks like a nice show.

  2. Wow. Yes! I do remember last years show. I was a little intimidated by it all, but this year I just enjoyed it. You took wonderful pictures, Ellen. I can see why you like that mosaic of the owl and the snake, your love of nature really comes through that one. I miss seeing your work though. And yes, wouldn't it be nice to be a lady of leisure and means.

  3. the Pottery piece is exquisite! Looks like a bunch of art that one might need to see in person to appreciate. The map is cool, always a sucker for a good map!

  4. we have several art and craft exhibitions and fairs round here. A lot of artists have moved to this area - it’s like having one move in makes them all come by and by - and I try to visit several of them. Although many are amateur artists - rather than living on the proceeds of their work exclusively - there are several professionals who have high prices which I can’t afford.
    Some of the pieces you show would interest me greatly.

  5. I love the starfish! There are two open air art shows here every summer and I always spend too much.

  6. So many beautiful pieces. I love the mosaics and the hand drawn map is cool.

  7. Beautiful work. I especially love the hand drawn map.

  8. Wow that's some gorgeous stuff! Those mosaics are fabulous - but I kind of really like the weird lidded bowl people :)

  9. I have a feeling that if I'd gone to the exhibit I would have picked many of the same artists as you as favorites.

  10. I'm for the starfish dish. It's a good thing I live a long way from Rockport!

  11. I looked up James Offeman and he is really good. His bird renditions are amazing. It's good that you still have this caliber of work in the area. It seems like all of our festivals feature over saturated photos printed on canvas for excessive prices.


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