Tuesday, December 25, 2018

the 'to do' list continued albeit with much less energy and a quiet day


you can get up if you want but I'm staying in bed

  * Plant the peas

* Vacuum the rest of the house – I even beat the two small oriental rugs (cough cough) and then I ordered a robot vacuum cleaner

  * Mop the floor in my studio and kitchen

* Rake the Little Backyard - oof

yes, I know it doesn't look like I raked but you did see the 'before' picture, right?

  * Clean off the work table in the garage

  * Wash the car (now that all the windows are clean)

Stuff I did that wasn't on the list:

Morning yoga routine - yay, 2 days in a row!

Washed 3 days worth of dishes

Used the 4 long S hooks (previous estate sale find) to temporarily hang the 4 bird houses (also estate sale finds) I have accumulated (I had 5 but I used one for the present exchange at the garden club christmas party last week after I spiffed it up a bit), probably not where they will stay but at least they aren't on the work table in the garage anymore

two of the four

Went and picked up the gift for my sister that I had to order because I waited too long and they were sold out that finally arrived!

Walked the dog – the short walk today, very quiet in the neighborhood

Sat my butt on the couch and settled in for the evening


A quiet overcast day with no expectations, stuff nothing to do, or places to be. It's a good thing too because the body is groaning.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.


  1. You are an inspiration Ellen. Like you I have bird houses everywhere and would you believe, the sparrows are already messing around inside them. They drop old feathers and stuff out of them. Couldn't be getting ready for spring? I would like to think so cause so am I. Donna@gather

  2. Yes, you are an inspiration. Know that you are appreciated.

  3. After today I can focus - all will be done and over with. Yes. take it easy, but taking it easy like you do is for me, requires a whole other level of energy. Happy winter!

  4. I love those birdhouses. Do birds ever live in them? Dave was just talking today about getting birdhouses for our garden, but I feel like our birds mostly handle their own housing!

    1. I've had wrens and sparrows nest in them and bluebirds once. the wrens nest everywhere though.

  5. That was one huge pile of leaves you raked up. I'm giving you a gold star for that one. I like the bird houses, too. You're reminded me that I once thought a bird house or two might be a nice substitute for the bird feeders I can't have because of the marauding pigeons. I might give that another thought.

  6. I definitely can see that you raked the yard. Your house looks very spiffy with its new paint job and that beautifully painted stand in the yard.

    1. the painted stand is a Talavera birdbath. Talavera, if you don't know, is a style of Mexican ceramics.

  7. I laughed out loud at the second item on your to-do/did list. I love the bird houses - especially the one made of license plates. This must be the year of the birdhouse, as I got one from a friend for Christmas - it's felted and I'll be damned if I'll let the birds poop in it. Glad you had a quiet holiday.

    1. well, you had to have read the previous post to fully appreciate this one. and the robo-vac comes tomorrow!


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