Friday, December 21, 2018

an autumn sky and the last adult leaves the room

The banshees were back. The wind howled and shrieked all day yesterday. It was a beautiful day otherwise, clear sky and pleasant, well except for the wind which had a bite to it. 

I'm having a hard time getting motivated this week. I've done nothing with the modeling glass samples I rolled out and dried, or the one feather that I keep having to repair. Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow I tell myself every day. I did scrape the kiln shelf and applied fresh kiln wash to it.

There's so much stuff that needs to be done...vacuuming and mopping the floors, clearing off the table in the garage to give me some work space, raking the leaves off the concrete apron outside the garage and the little backyard, getting a container to keep my balls of modeling glass in, reorganizing the garage after all the construction, acquiring more shelving units, cut down the small trees growing against the fence over at the shop, it just goes on and on.

I'm headed into the city tomorrow because I guess the last three weekends there just wasn't enough. But the twins are back from college for a few days and Jade is going to photograph my drawings with her fancy camera with an eye to getting note cards printed up and I want to go to the art supply store and get more colored pencils, colors I don't have, with an eye to doing some more little drawings and one or two other little errands.

It looks like the last adult is leaving the White House completely giving the asylum over to the inmates, not that I have any admiration for Mad Dog Mattis, or Kelly for that matter, but they, at least, are intelligent and understand the issues, unlike any of Trump's other appointees who don't have even a basic idea of what their jobs entail or what they are supposed to be doing besides getting a paycheck like Kirstjen Neilsen, director of Homeland Security who didn't even know how many legal ports of entry there are along our southern border, had no knowledge of the studies that show immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes than native born, or know how many people have died while in the care of her department. And now Trump is getting ready to shut down the government over a boondoggle while Republican Rep. Mark Meadows tells those getting ready to be furloughed or expected to work without pay that they 'signed up for this' as a civil servant. Of course, he is still getting paid. And the stock market is nose diving, people are being laid off, factories are closing, black lung disease is increasing, interest rates are rising, prices are rising as Trump's policies finally start to show their effect while he hands the Middle East over to Russia and Iran and thumbs his nose at what is left of our allies.

But, hey, Happy Holidays y'all.


  1. AND RBG is in hospital! Duck and cover!!

    1. IKR! but they expect a full recovery barring any complications from the surgery.

  2. Well, that little summary cheered me up. I blame DT, but he is basically a dysfunctional and immature person, so I hold all the leaders who let this happen as the horribles.

  3. I feel like Chicken Little. What's it going to take?

  4. It's like we're carrying around a heavy load all the time, isn't it? And every day something gets added to the load. The worry about RBG is just one more bag. As to problems with motivation, these last few weeks I feel almost hamstrung by that very load. How can I make dusting, cleaning, etc. be a
    priority when my head is so full of "crap"? This is the first year in the forty we have lived here that there are no lights on the house. We have not opened one of our boxes of ornaments, etc.
    Impossible to muster any feelings of celebration. Please, things have to get better!

  5. I am so depressed about RBG. She's all that stands between us and the wolves.

  6. You summed it up perfectly. Jan. 3rd we have the HOUSE and it could turn this ship around...he will not have free rein as he has had..that is the one silver lining if there is one.


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