Sunday, December 23, 2018

the 'to do' list that has nothing 'to do' with christmas

Saturday I drove into the city and visited with my daughter while she and Jade wrapped presents then Jade and Robin went with me to run my errands, one of which was to add to the set of 24 colored pencils I have (I now have 48). We were going to have a late lunch but the place my vegan granddaughter wanted to eat at and the place she was willing to eat at were both closed so lunch was a bust as I was ready to head back.

Today I slept late, did my yoga, we had our late Sunday brunch and then I started on the chores that have been piling up around here.

* Clean out the gutter across the front of the house (the only one we have left) - had to drag out the big ladder and if I'm not covered with bruises later from banging that thing around it will be a miracle

* Climb on the roof and clear off the big branch, small branches, and leaves - did not fall off, big plus!

* Rake the leaves away from the foundation and off the concrete apron - fantasizing about a leaf blower

* Clean all the glass inside and out on the car and the coverings on the lights front and back - of course the entire rest of the car is dirty
  * Plant the peas

* Cut the small trees down growing next to the fence over at the shop - did 5 today but still several more and a butt load of wild grape, it's an ongoing job

* Vacuum the house - well, half of it anyway but I had to sweep the studio first
  * Mop the floor in my studio and kitchen

* Put the bird feeder up – I actually did this the other day

* Rearrange the shelving unit and bakery rack to get all the frit and powder off the floor - though now I think I should move the frit to the bottom two shelves

  * Rake the Little Backyard

* Walk the dog - it was even the long walk!

  * Clean off the work table in the garage

  * Wash the car (now that the windows are nice and clean)

Guess I'll work on the rest tomorrow. If I can get out of bed.


  1. My Retired man raked the leaves the other day, even though I “suggested” he not do it A few hours later, 40 mph winds came by. I worked inside, cleaning for company who would bring lots of stuff with them. We both wasted our time. I have decided to live with what is and not get upset if things aren’t the way I pictured.

    You should put a leaf blower on your Christmas list. I hate the noise of them, but they are easier on the arms and back.

  2. Phew. I remember now why we moved to a condo. But we did keep the leaf blower and actually used it this fall to clear out some leaves the landscape people missed. Leaf blowers rule!

  3. Wow! Well, no one can complain that you're not pulling your weight, that's for sure. Take it easy and enjoy some downtime too! Have a good holiday!

  4. Geez, I want what you had for breakfast! I do not recall ever having that much energy! Well done! I have a leaf blower, the wind from the south usually does a great job. I want you to lay back , take it easy and ponder the miracle and glory of the christ child...hahaha just kidding, but do take it easy at least for twenty minutes. Merry Krampus!

    1. After a week of accomplishing nothing, I have to strike while the iron is hot, otherwise this shit drags on forever.

  5. Get a leaf blower! We have a stamped concrete driveway (which I hate) and the thin leaves from the neighbors' tree get stuck in the cracks. One can sweep until the cows come home and it won't do any good. The leaf blower does, indeed, rule. And always wear ear protection.

  6. omg! If you get out of bed. BWAAAHahahaahahahaaa! That sounds like me before I start my chores.

  7. One major job I accomplished this past summer was removing the last of the gutters from my house! NO More twice yearly doing the gutter clean out! I think the gutter thing was a great marketing ploy but unless water is really a big problem it's not worth it. I have a leaf blower and use it to blow the pine needles off the roof, big help.

    1. we got rid of the ones on the side of the house but the bay window in front projects out to within an inch or two of the eave and water just sheets down it otherwise and underneath is where we discovered a lot of the rotten structure after the flood. the gutter was old and leaking so we had a new one installed. I'm going to look into covers for it.


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