Thursday, October 25, 2018

puppies and kittens and flowers and trees...

butterflies and dragonflies and fishes and bees, sweet smelling happy making dirt and blue sky days, birds and bunnies and warm sun rays, turtles and snakes and rivers and lakes, lizards and frogs that sing in the haze.

This is what I chanted to myself off and on all day yesterday, a constantly changing reminder of things that make me happy after waking up to the news of bombs being delivered to Trump's outspoken critics and Trump's fake call for unity after an inside source reported that his immediate response upon hearing this news was to tell his PR people to issue a condemnation and blame it on the Democrats as a 'false flag' action. Then he went to another rally last night and continued his calls for violence against those who would tell the truth about him. It has also been reported that Trump has had discussions about declaring the midterm elections invalid if the Republicans lose control of Congress while Putin declares the demise of America almost complete.

So here's some pictures...


my puppy

these jumping spiders were having a stand-off on my desk

I've been working on filling molds. Finished the sunflower and it and the blue jay feather piece are in the kiln.


Two more molds ready, the second hummingbird and the lizard with 10-petal anemone.

Just trying to create some beauty in this crumbling country.


  1. You are a busy bee Ellen. I am with you in sentiment. There is a point of no return. Inching closer I fear. Donna@gather

  2. I voted. I did it. For what it's worth.
    Oh Ellen, I am so downhearted.

  3. I voted early and got my 94 yo mom a mail in ballot and she now we wait for the results...

  4. I voted. My husband voted. We vote blue in one of the reddest of Texas counties. But we vote. Stood in line for the better part of an hour yesterday, but we were happy to do it. It matters.

  5. We voted by mail. Blue all the way. If only we could HOPE to make a difference!
    Yes. Your art and your focus on nature do help. Thanks for that!

  6. It really is so depressing - but it felt good to vote. At least I was able to do SOMETHING.

    That sunflower is lovely in all its stages.

  7. Lovely lilies, that red one almost looks like a clove.

  8. I love the lizard in the bromeliad. And bravo for voting! In the end, it's the only way we can make our voices heard!

  9. Have you seen the reports that voting machines in Texas are switching peoples votes from blue to red? How come these “glitches” never switch the votes from red to blue? I think I’m slipping into true depression over what is going on, which of course helps no one. Thank you for voting.

    1. I think I saw one report that said it was happening both ways but mostly from Beto to Cruz. I just hope everyone is checking their selections before they hit the vote button.


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