Thursday, October 11, 2018

a walk around the yard and filling a mold

While we had two mornings in the high 60˚s spaced apart by several days a week or so ago, today is the first cool front to come through that will be sustained with a dip down to just below 60˚ tonight and next week in the low to mid 50˚s. Standing out in the yard late afternoon yesterday a breeze came up with just a hint of coolness and coming out from yoga class last night it was definitely in the air. This morning the breeze was from the north and, most importantly, it isn't humid and I had the door standing open to get some fresh air in the house most of this beautiful day.

After all my moaning about the pecan trees dropping all their green nuts and fears of one more year of no crop I have been picking up pocketfuls of heavy pecans free of their husks every time I go out now that the yard has finally been mowed and I can see them. It was getting pretty wild out there, almost knee high at the back of the property. I may not get enough to have and sell both but I'll get enough for several pies at least.

The confederate rose was looking especially bloomful this morning 

and the one with the deformed buds is finally producing some flowers albeit about half the size they should be and not fully formed. They are opening white and turning to pink during the day.

I noticed some time ago that my two beautiful clumps of parsley had been devoured by these

and the other day I saw one of the transformations, wings hanging to dry.

And then there was this moth resting on the underside of this bromeliad leaf.

A bad picture of the mistflower, one of my fall favorites, which I brought over from the Houston house.

Starting on the moonflower mold, layering in the colors.


  1. We're in the forties and fifties here. The furnace is a nice purr at night, but the mandevillas are drooping.

  2. Finally cool here too. It is beautiful. I'm just trying to take in everything that's happened near here the last few days and not able to, really. The coast, as I'm sure you've seen, is flattened and people are dead. Meanwhile, I have internet and electricity and running water and my confederate rose is bent but blooming and I just feel so lucky.

  3. I love the butterflies. Even as a caterpillar that black swallowtail was beautiful. Sorry you lost your parsley, but it may have been worth it, don't you think? Glad you're getting some cooler weather!

  4. I always grow dill and parsely for the swallowtails.You have some nice blooms and like the moonflower.

  5. What gorgeous butterflies and caterpillar!

  6. Mmm, pie!

    Your garden is so alive, love it.


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