Friday, October 5, 2018

all over the place

When they appoint Kavanaugh, whose own profession does not support him, to the Supreme Court we will have lost any claim to moral authority that we might still have had. The American Empire is officially in decline. Lies under oath, belligerence, absolute partisanship, threats of retaliation, credible charges of sexual assault are now acceptable for a Supreme Court justice. Trump/Nero fiddles and Congress dances to the tune.

The confederate rose bushes are blooming but they got so tall over the summer that all the blooms are way at the top.

I wrote Rocky his final check yesterday and sent him on his way until sometime after the first of the year when we will get him to start on the new deck in the front. It's going to be nice just to have the regular monthly bills for a change. We might even go buy a new pump for the small pond which has sat stagnant for a year since the most recent pump died after Harvey. It's full of minnows so it's not breeding mosquitoes.

And the last picture of the house in its new clothes, the backside of the garage and bedroom with the etched glass windows.

We went to another estate sale yesterday handled by a different person. The guy running it has had several antique/decorating businesses in the past. The sale is billed as a moving sale but what it looked like was a clearing-out-my-warehouse-of-all-the-stuff-and-trying-to-get-rid-of-it sale. Regardless, I picked up a very cool heron sculpture for $12 

and a small table/plant stand for $6. They also had a loveseat which I had just this week been thinking I needed one of for my studio room so people (my sister) would have a place to sit when they came over. It seemed a good price at $75 but I didn't want to pay that much. Today was 25% off so I went back to see if it had sold. I thought as I left the house that if it was meant for me it would still be there. And it was.

Still have daylilies. In October. Unheard of.

And the little red lilies that usually start coming up in late December and start blooming late February are sprouting. In October.

So I reported last that my back was improving daily, and it was until last Sunday when I woke up and it was as bad or worse as it had been. WTF! I had been a good girl concerning activity. Monday, just as bad and so I finally went to the chiropractor Monday afternoon. Monday night, felt great, could sit, stand, lay with no pain, just some residual soreness. Tuesday morning it was as if I hadn't even been. Wednesday morning, pain free and I walked on eggshells all day afraid to move for fear of it jarring it back. But Thursday and today, pain free and seems to be holding.

So, of course, coming back from picking up the loveseat it started to rain and we were trying to get it out of the truck as fast as we could and I grabbed hold of the corner of the truck, set my right foot on the (now slick) corner of the bumper, went to swing my left leg down and my shoe slipped off the bumper and down I went. On concrete. I landed on my back but I had automatically (because there was no conscious thought about it and it happened so fast) tucked and rolled when I felt myself go and I popped right up. It didn't hurt and I'm not feeling any recurrence so far. We'll see how it feels tomorrow.


  1. House is pretty and glad you're better. She fell and she can get up. I fall like a tree. Donna

  2. Boy. It sure didn't take long for this country to lose its shit, did it? Maybe it's our karma for building it on the bones of the people we stole it from and the bones of the people we stole from their own land and brought here in chains to do all the shit we didn't want to. Or couldn't.
    And I don't even really believe in karma but if I did, I'd say- well, there you go.
    And when you think about it, our entire history has been about thievery and lying and killing people and being greedy and yes, some beautiful things too (Carnegie libraries comes to mind) but we are no lily-white vision of justice and freedom and equality for all, are we?

    I sure am glad that your back's better. Please be careful, woman!
    That heron is gorgeous. What a deal! The love seat is nice too.

    Yep. I have things blooming, not blooming, being crazy here.
    Oh, Ellen. I despair so much. I am glad that we have each other in this community. It helps my heart.

    1. you are right. we've never had the moral high ground. not to mention all the elected governments of other countries we have toppled in order to get 'our' man in. maybe this will be a watershed for this country and what emerges is a more caring nation. either that or an authoritarian theocracy. the kids have a tough row to hoe. remains to be seen if they are up to it. but like you I am glad for like minded folks.

      I was being so careful, I know not to fall, but not fully attendant I guess with my attention of all the wet spots on the suedecloth (which dired nicely). I'm surprised myself that I just rolled with it and there might be a little soreness but no pain. that truck hates me I guess. first it gouged my leg and now it threw me off.

  3. such a great automatic tuck and roll! You will live well forever, and your house is a gem, great colors! Agreeing with you, agreeing with Mary, I am scared more than usual about this country, the weaponry, the dire global situation this country finds itself. Maybe we will all be slaughtered by our own country men, and then global change will take out the remainder. Who knows, but today you have a cute house, some day lilies, friends, and minnows, a new love seat, and a back that is not broken... *sigh* You will be alright for a while.

  4. I do hope your back holds up. I was waiting to hear worse news. Not falling is high on my list.
    There has been so much rain for the past month, and decent weather, what can bloom still is. Stella de Oro, for instance. The sedum carry on and on. There are puddles in the garden. The grass needs mowed. It's OK.

    1. on Saturday, so far so good. a little sore where I landed but not bad.

  5. Oh, yikes! I hope the pain doesn't come back! The house looks great and I like the heron, too. As for Kavanaugh, sad to say it's pretty much what I expected.

  6. Hope you continue to heal. As to the farce, honestly I have been totally stripped of my hope for anything concerning our government to be fair or at the very least on a level playing field ever again. I will of course, vote and work for specific candidates but any other hope is dead


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