Wednesday, February 7, 2018

yoyo weather, baby steps, and demolished houses

I've known it for awhile but yesterday there was no denying it. The birds have been sure for weeks now. Spring has arrived. The yard is spotted with white 10 petal anemone flowers, the maple tree is blooming, 

Vs of geese have been heading more or less northward, the red shouldered hawks have been keeing for mates, the spring weeds in the yard have exploded, it was warmer outside yesterday than it was in the house, and I saw a mosquito hawk or, rather, a crane fly. Crane flies look like giant mosquitos but they don't eat. They hatch to mate. Their sole purpose in life is to fuck and they happen to be my personal harbinger of spring. Well, they were until the weather became an extreme yoyo. And speaking of that yoyo, it's back to being cold, windy, and wet, high of only 45˚ today. I need to go out and fill the teacup and the bird feeder but they'll all just have to survive without me today.

Weird dream this morning. I had a houseful of people and I was in a near panic trying to get coffee made and some sort of breakfast fixed to feed them all but I hadn't been to the store and didn't really have anything in the house except some weird package stuff and maybe a dozen eggs and the house was the old city house and I wasn't even sure how many people there were (30, 40, 65?) and once I got them fed how was I going to entertain them in this small town that has nothing interesting going for it and then I woke up.

Yesterday, late afternoon after taking the dog for her walk, I pulled out the lizard with 10 petal anemone model that I had started on during the open house last December and a couple of other waxes 

and then went and sat on the couch and finished my book. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Day before yesterday, this pile of rubble was a house at the other end of my street.

The house on the left has been abandoned as long as we have been out here. The neighbor of the demolished house decided not to fix up their house after the flood but to tear it down and replace it with a doublewide. To that end, they bought the property of the abandoned house next door which I guess gets crushed next although I don't understand why they went to the effort of removing all the windows in the abandoned house but demolished their house intact.


  1. They had all the windows they needed for a greenhouse? Who knows?
    I saw two robins yesterday. The white violets have begun to bloom, although not the purple ones. My arugula is starting to bolt. Yes, beginning to look like spring here, too.
    Why do I feel so lazy?

  2. That house thing is so sad. Spring is not here yet, but I am going south for a while.

  3. I have friends who work in porcelain. Laura worked for them last summer. The man of the team does all the throwing; his wife, my friend Deb, makes a lot of plaques. She makes big ones and tiny ones. All the design is cut in with tools, including dental tools. Incredible art, like yours. Tomorrow will be warmer, I hope.

  4. I spent a freezing eternity this morning clearing thick wet layers of snow from the car. You are lucky!

    As for the dream: my guess it's something about us loose women for ever failing the housewife exams.

  5. Spring is here too. Camelia's are blooming. I'm afraid the birds will start hatching babies and that then there will be a frost. It's all too weird.
    After loosing the studio and all the work of redoing it, it seems normal to me for you to be a bit discombobulated. I'm sure there are still a few good books to be read until energy builds itself back up again.

  6. I'm so envious of your anemones. I went out looking for some this past weekend, and didn't find a single one. I guess I need to move farther inland. I did see some crow poison, though, and exactly one blooming bit of blue-eyed grass.

    1. really early for blue-eyed grass. dandelions are blooming too.

  7. Last year we had spring come and go a few times, this year, we have not been as lucky. Snow, ice, freezing rain, and sleet, have been the weather forecast lately. We just have to enjoy the good days and do a countdown til the days of spring come closer and closer.

  8. New flowers hold promise, it is 8 here right now. We are in line for over 10 inches of snow in the next few days.Went skiing yesterday and got chapped skin from the wind.

  9. It's finally feeling like I moved south - 54 degrees right now. I have no idea what spring looks like here. I know I was here last year, but I was a bit preoccupied. I can't believe we've been down here nearly a year now!

    I think getting out the waxes was a great first step! I do that with yarn projects all the time, although Mike probably wishes I wouldn't store them on the couch while I wait to work on them :)


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