Saturday, February 10, 2018

no clever title today

Rocky stopped Thursday while I was out in the front pulling up clover. “I'm about finished up with B's house so I'll be by tomorrow to assess things and get the guys started next week, you gonna be home?” Yeah Rocky, I'll be here. He stopped again mid-morning on Friday while I was out front. “After lunch,” he tells me.

I guess he never had lunch yesterday. But that's OK, I know I'm on his mind. He'll get here when he can actually give me his attention.

So, believe it or not, I've put in some good hours this week on the current model. Got all the leaves on and halfway cleaned up. 

Next are the three flowers. Not quite sure how I'm going to approach those.

I made it to the garden club meeting Thursday morning and I did my yoga routine Friday morning and today. Am I on a roll or what?

Some days it's winter and some days it's spring and some days, like yesterday, start out one way and end up the other. I had both doors open in the afternoon while I was working and the little glass wind chime that hangs in here was tinkling in the cross breeze. 

I hang it inside because our wind would be too much for it and the gold vanes are paper anyway and I don't have a protected spot outside to hang it.

The spring weeds have taken over the yard, the yard in which we used to have a solid healthy st. augustine that started dying in large patches two years ago. Instead we have a meadow, I guess, full of the little anemone, fleabane which will bloom later, sow thistle (which I dig up), dandelions, birdseye speedwell which has tiny blue flowers, woodland violets, chickweed, plantain, henbit

which has taken over one end of one of the flower beds as well.

It rained during night, not very hard but was accompanied by lightning and low rumbles of thunder which sent Minnie into paroxysms of trembling turning the bed into one of those 'massage' vibrating beds in cheap motels.

And today it is spring.


  1. "Magic Fingers". How well I remember those. How easily amused we used to be.
    The henbit is hard for me to hate. Tiny orchids. If they were ten times as big, we would cultivate them.
    It is Spring here today, too. I don't know what's wrong with me but I am already dreading the hot temperatures coming again.

  2. flowering weeds already? all I’m looking out to is bare branches with just the tiniest hint of budding.

  3. Somewhere in America it is spring. I think spring is moving slowly, but then, I always do.

  4. That latest model is gorgeous.
    And poor Minnie - it's so hard to see them frightened like that.

  5. Yesterday was the most beautiful day ever and today - winter and icing. I just want spring to come. And rain. It is so dry, none of my bulbs nor plants have come up.

  6. We have this all over our yard. It is pretty buy it is starting to look a bit ragged.

  7. that henbit is a mint so goes all over. Pretty flower

  8. We have a ton of weeds, and with my equilibrium issues, it's up to hubby to tend to them now. Which he hasn't started. Which I refuse to nag over. LOL

  9. I'm totally jealous of your lovely weeds. Around here, everything looks a tad dead. :-(


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