Monday, February 5, 2018

still completely unmotivated

Well, if I had done anything to speak of the last two days I might have something to write about. I did make a half assed attempt at cleaning out one section of one flower bed on Sunday. Saturday was a drizzly day and since I had been mostly sleepless Friday night mostly what I did was sit on the couch and read. I did work on updating my website both days. I'm toying with the idea of taking the etched glass off completely but the feedback I'm getting says to keep it.

Overcast and chilly out there today and while it is brighter than it could be it's still dreary. Nothing worth taking pictures of except this little woodland violet in the yard. 

I should be over at the shop getting the raised beds in shape for the spring planting but it's such a mess. All my hard work last year putting down the weed cloth in between and around the raised beds is as if I hadn't even bothered since the flood washed it all away. And I need to go get at least one more yard of dirt to top off the beds.

Rocky never showed over the weekend which didn't surprise me. That poor guy is so busy he's been working 6 1/2 days a week. In the meantime I ought to be starting some new waxes. Still have three of the four big drowned feather pieces to cast but the kiln is surrounded by plumerias waiting for the weather to be consistently warm enough to put them back outside.

I did learn yesterday that the old boyfriend through which I eventually met Marc died and his funeral is today. Apparently he had been ill for some time so says the son of his roommate back when I was dating him, the guy that died, not the roommate, although the roommate is also dead quite a few years now.

Here's something...I no longer seem capable of remembering when to use a 'z' or an 's' when I write.

And something else...R and wife D got the orange plastic barrier up adjacent to the coop so the chickens can get outside now even if they are restricted to a smaller area. I'm thinking that the neighbor J on the other side must have called the sheriff about R shooting at his dog because about a week or so ago, I did see a deputy drive down the street and another neighbor says he stopped at J's house and shortly after that I had my encounter with R and the chickens were confined to their coop. My complaints to R about this never resulted in that.

It's already noon and already I have accomplished nothing.


  1. I took a walk this morning which should not have been overtaxing and now I am trying to get just a few simple household things done and I swear- I can barely move. The things I have accomplished were done so slowly that I might as well have been moving backwards. I am determined now to sweep and mop the kitchen and hallway. Between the wet weather and the construction going on, my floors are filthy. I can ignore that up to a point and then it becomes more painful to live with than to ignore. It has reached that point. I fear this may take me the rest of the afternoon.

    1. wouldn't you know? I failed to post the very first paragraph. it's there now.

  2. That neighbour would give me the creeps. As a rule I never accomplish anything before noon. I simply don't believe in overdoing things.

  3. We should go out to lunch and compare notes. I didn't sleep last night and got up at---11 am. And, don't even have a violet to show for it. Everything this year is trauma. Trump, Congress, floods and fractured skulls. Neither one of us can stand for life being stalled out, and yet it is.

  4. Get with it, you are moving like I do LOL I always say it will be there tomorrow. Helping with lambs a bit.

  5. To be able to do absolutely nothing before noon is a real accomplishment!

  6. I'm home sick from work today. Well, I went to work, but felt too ill to stay. Something I ate, I think, not the flu. At least I hope not the flu! I plan to spend the rest of the day crocheting, which I guess is technically getting something done, but it still feels like I'm playing hooky.


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