Tuesday, February 20, 2018

a week ago, everything looked like winter

Back to being overcast but at least it's still warm...too warm. The door is open and the wind chimes are playing and the birds are singing, the red shouldered hawks are out calling for mates. Stuff is busting out. The hibiscus and angel trumpet and phillipine violet and night blooming jasmine and the penta are all sprouting from the roots, the spirea exploded with new growth and is covered with tiny buds, 

the chinese fringe flowers are blooming something they did not do last year

peach trees are blooming, 

the azaleas are over eager, the first of the little red lilies are open, 

same with the ground orchids, 

and the bluebonnets are starting to send up their blooms. 

As mention many times, the little white anemones have blanketed the yard and an occasional purple bloomer 

but yesterday I saw a pink one for the first time ever. 

Sunday I cut the banana trees back. 


Only halfway but I will probably have to cut them down to the ground later. Uncovered this little guy. 

Spent the rest of the day picking up the debris from Saturday and weeding the big flower bed in front and again some today.

I am continually reminded that there is still good in the world, good people. Saturday morning a woman pulled into the driveway with a sign on the side of her truck, Disaster Assistance Church Of Christ. She used to live in Wharton, has family still here, and was in our neighborhood checking to see who still needed help. Apparently one of the neighbors sent her to us and, unlike some of these church disaster relief groups, membership in her church was not a requirement for help. She asked how things were going, did I need sheetrock or insulation. No and yes, that I was going to do wainscoting with the bead board instead of sheetrock in the back room and bathroom. She came in and measured the rooms and said she'd get back to me later. I got a text from her, she couldn't get the insulation but McCoy's Lumber yard would be delivering 21 sheets of bead board paneling on Monday. Which they did.

Today, more weeding in the front flower bed. Several years of neglect and the flood bringing all manner of seeds, it's a real chore. Today, also more detailing on the lizard/anemone model. I spent an hour yesterday on one flower. I'm ready to be done with this.

I am heartened by the high school students calling bullshit to all the thoughts and prayers from politicians who are paid off by the NRA and who do nothing to prevent the gun violence in this country. They may not be able to vote yet but they are organizing protests and they will be able to vote soon. With the mid-term elections coming up soon maybe this time the outrage will last and some of these politicians will be replaced. Maybe this time enough adults will call bullshit.


  1. I am looking forward to Spring, can't wait to spend some quality time in my gardens. Absolutely sick of politics! Makes me want to build a bunker and hide.

  2. Here the redbud and Japanese magnolia are blooming and the camellias are still going crazy. The azaleas are beginning to bloom, here and there. And I agree- it is TOO warm. I feel as if I should skip the spring garden entirely and go straight to the summer garden.
    I can't believe that Church! That's crazy and good.
    And those kids? I think they're going to spark a fire that is going to bring the NRA to its knees. I hope so. I hope so. I hope so.

  3. We have another month until we see the beginnings of spring in my area. Meanwhile, after a snowstorm, we are enjoying temperatures in the 70’s. Mother Nature is giving us a nice break.

    Yes, there are good people out there; they just don’t make headlines. They are the helpers and they are all around us.

    I truly believe that these kids, who will soon be voters, will change everything. There is hope for a future.

  4. My roses are going crazy. I expect buds any day now; leafing is over the top; but we had a warm winter so far, so that's why. Now we just need SOME rain...

  5. I have bulbs up, and anemones. It will snow again.
    I read a little bit of a survey of what Gen Z really wants to be called. An eight year old said "Strong Women." I think they surely will be Tough.

  6. I always love your flower pictures, even though it's a bit alarming to have spring in February. It's 71 degrees just now and today I saw a row of purple Bradford pear trees in full bloom. No idea if that's normal around here this time of year.

  7. I am reading this with envy while trying to regain some form of life in my fingers after cycling home through a very frosty forest. Re your bananas, I am hoping for the best

  8. Bluebonnets and peepers out? Unbelievable.

  9. Amazing - beadboard from heaven! What a world.
    And then on the other hand. . . it's not often you see a literal example of hope for our future. I know high school kids (having taught them for umpteen years) can embrace a cause and get caught up in it. But whether they doing it because it's the cause of the moment, or whether it's out of true belief, the end result will - I hope - be some change, finally, at last.

  10. Wow, that story about the beadboard is amazing! How cool that someone just showed up with that. As you said, there are still good people out there.

    It's really warm in Florida too. I think it was mid-80s yesterday. Your flowers are looking great!


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