Tuesday, October 3, 2017

this is who we are

So. Once again, for the 273rd time in 275 days in this year alone, (383 in 2016), the nature of this society called America has shown itself in spades. And it ain't pretty. But apparently no massacre is bad enough to do something about the gun violence in this country. No group of victims is too heinous to do something about the gun violence in this country. No, anything besides unfettered access to whatever and however many guns a person can have, no matter their criminal or mental or social dis-functions, is unAmerican.

Captured from FB

Hard to argue with that.

I also read an article from the Atlantic about the dark truth of this society...

No other society allows the massacres to keep happening. Everyone around the world knows this about the United States. It is the worst aspect of the American national identity.”

As long as it's white male 'lone wolfs' whatever they do is tolerable.

The other truth is that this is who we are and we know it. We know this will continue, and it will, because we do nothing to change it

No other nation that is not ruled by anarchy allows this to happen.

The 273rd mass murder, defined as four or more casualties, and the worst to date in terms of casualties inflicted, in 275 days. That's almost one a day. One mass murder a day not counting just the one or two killed. The thousands of women killed every year not by an unbalanced individual but by someone they know and possibly love. The hundreds of children killed every year, now the third leading cause of death. The thousands of people shot because someone was enraged and had a gun. The thousands of suicides every year.  Some statistics here from Newsweek.

And because the body counts aren't high enough, Congress, the lap dog of the NRA and gun lobby, wants to throw silencers into the mix.


  1. If it had been 50 congressmen maybe, but 50 tax payers who cares eh? The good old boys want a gun in every pocketbook and glove compartment and they won't stop till we are either #1 all WHITE or #2 all DEAD.

  2. Yep. If Sandy Hook didn't shake us up enough to change, then neither will this.

  3. I knew you were going to say something, Ellen. The fact that we as a " society" continue to do nothing about the problem is even sadder than the escalating loss of lives. How misguided was I in those days when I thought mankind was basically good! Thank goodness for people like you who see, and express our common dismay.

  4. People need to stop feeling sad about these attacks and get angry. Sadness accomplishes nothing.

  5. There are no words for the sadness of these events. It's just mind numbing. But I agree with Chubby Chatterbox.....if we truly object, we must react.

  6. Lordy.....speechless....and the killing continues.

  7. It is true that the rest of the world just doesn't get the American "gun thing." And let's face it, even a lot of Americans (like me!) don't get it. It's a bizarre mindset -- a sort of national mental illness, as I said on my own blog. Look at Scotland -- after they had a classroom shooting back in the '90s, the gun laws in the UK were clamped down tight. And since then, we've had no mass shootings. There is gun crime from time to time involving illegal weapons, but nothing approaching the scale of the United States.

    1. Oh, and yes, Newtown (Sandy Hook) was the turning point. The fact that the gun lobby survived that is testament to the limitless power they wield.

  8. "This year close to 12,000 people have been killed in gun violence incidents, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization that tracks shootings via media and police reports.
    That works out to around 42 victims of gun violence per day, a figure which does not include suicides."
    Washington Post, C. Ingraham...

  9. Little more to say. We care capable; we do not stop it.

  10. Yes, but Congress always sends their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. These are good people that believe in the value of life from conception to birth.


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