Monday, October 16, 2017

another day pretty much like the previous days

I've been filling molds. Three down and in the kiln, one done and two to go. I walked the perimeter of the house fluffing up the poor crushed ferns and picking up all the trash and debris left behind after Rocky and Manuel finished the exterior of the house on Thursday. It wasn't that much really, just bits and pieces of tar paper and old siding and some metal and the occasional nail, because they did a good job cleaning up after themselves. Next project is to knock out the brick planters, sheetrock the ceiling, and put up the birch bead board paneling in my studio room. He may not start on that til next week which is fine as it gives me time to finish these molds and put away my stuff. I'll have to move back out of the room while they're working on it.

Friday I went back to the Civic Center with my list of questions to meet with Katie the FEMA agent again. The rejection letter was issued on the 7th, she says, and new supporting documents were shuttled to my file on the 11th thus opening an appeal to my application and now I have to wait til the case agent reviews my file again. In the meantime maybe more of the supporting documents will make it into my file. Apparently, the agents in the field fax all the documents at the end of the day to central command but it may take a week or longer for them to migrate into the pertinent file. Be patient, she says, it will be resolved in your favor. OK, but I'm losing faith I told her. So I guess I'll not bother them again til at least next Monday.

Another puppy hanging around Sunday. 

Waited too late in the day to take a picture and contact SPOT. By the time they got back to me willing to take the pup, it was nowhere to be found.

Beautiful weather today though. Another cool front blew in and this one is supposed to last more than two days. Perfect for working outside but my priority is to get these last three now two molds filled.


  1. What is your intent for these finished feathers?

    1. well, I hope I sell them either at the open house or at a gallery, if not, at least they are serving as prototypes for the four larger ones.

  2. I just told my husband to come outside and see if he thinks it's cool enough to turn off the AC and open the windows. It's supposed to get down to 61 tonight and 55 tomorrow. I can hardly believe it.

  3. How terrible thast you received a rejection letter from FEMA. I hope it's resolved in your favor.

  4. Sad when they jerk your chain and have no results.They brought pets from one Texas shelter here to open up for new lost pets.

  5. I admire you Ellen, for marching on through all of this.

  6. Hang in there, things are moving along, albeit slowly. It sounds like Katie is doing her best to get you approved and hopefully, it won’t be long. It is hard to believe that they are faxing instead of sending it electronically. There is less chance of it getting lost that way.

    It is hard to imagine what you all are going through, and I hope that each day will bring you closer to what you can consider normal, even if it is a new normal.

  7. Ugh! Super frustrating! And that poor puppy -- maybe he went back to wherever he belongs?

  8. That puppy is really cute. I have to (peripherally) work with a government department & it is the pits. SO SLOW does the government wheel turn. So. Slow.


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