Monday, October 9, 2017

more of the same

I have sort of reclaimed my studio in the house. After taking down all the old paneling and associated pieces around the doors and windows, removed all the exposed insulation, pulled all the nails, and cleaned up after myself, I have reclaimed my studio even if temporarily. I've set up my desk in a different configuration mainly because this whole situation is different and I have an auxiliary work table, also temporary since it belongs to my sister and because I need to be able to break it all down quickly when work begins in here, and moved my computer off the dining room table and back here. I'm sort of enjoying this stripped down version of my space, all the furniture that I had to make work gone, all the other stuff that I had refused to deal with for years taking up space, gone with no guilt (although plenty of that stuff is in boxes somewhere). Now I get to think how I want to make this space work best and then add in whatever furniture is needed to make that happen.

I set up 8 more color samples yesterday, all for sand. 

They're all combined colors ranging from 4 - 8 different colors and transparencies each. I've always worked with transparent colors, my objection being that opaque colors are so flat, they have no depth, and they don't really portray the reality of, well, reality hence my combining similar but different colors and different transparencies just to get something that looks like sand. We'll see. In the meantime I'm cleaning up the four molds I have ready and measuring them so I'll know how much weight of glass it takes to fill each one.

I worked out in the yard some, more cleaning up and digging up trees...pecans and hackberries mostly...pulling up tens of little yew trees and grassy weeds and the black and blue salvia which is proving to be greedy. Still finding things that didn't make it like the purple verbena. Some things are coming back like the gerber daisies and the four o'clocks, a few of the rock rose survived but you know what liked the flood? The day lilies. They haven't looked this full and lush in years. Guess I'm not watering them enough.


  1. Through destruction comes creation sometimes. Weird but true.

  2. They do look lush. I envy you being able to work so hard. I've been flat on my back since Friday with back pain. I think I'm going to have to find a back doctor in the city to get a steroid injection. It won't go away.

  3. Too bad about the verbena -- I didn't know anything would get the best of it! The day lilies DO look happy.

  4. There you go. Another exquisite series! I've been crazy for your feathers since you photographed them.

  5. I like that you're getting to start fresh with your office - configure it the way that works best for you. I'm ready to get back to figuring out what that would look like for me!

  6. I do like seeing pictures of your art projects. If I lived nearby I would drop in and watch you work. I think a newly configured studio may be just what is needed for creativity.

    1. I'd be happy to have you come but it's a slow tedious process and you'd get bored pretty quick.


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