Saturday, October 28, 2017

cold front, dust, and errands

More cold air blowing in today (Friday). I'm wearing long jeans for the first time since early last spring. Supposed to get down to 41˚ tonight. May even have to turn on the heater! Rocky and crew are busy working in the studio room. It's a good thing I can close off the rest of the house from the back part as everything is covered in dust of one kind or another in there. Not only did the brick planters come out but after consulting with Rocky we decided to take out the short brick wall so that back corner could be squared up. I'm sacrificing a closet in the garage that was small and dark and basically unusable to that end.

Originally, there was an entertainment center built above the continuing brick from the planter to the right that we started tearing out during the demolition.

I'm having a sort of an empty day today while the guys work. Can't fill the next mold because it takes a lot of concentration and no distractions, don't feel like working outside with this cold wind and overcast sky, can't work over at the shop cleaning the last room because I want to be here in case something needs my attention. So, I went to the library and picked up the two books I requested though I didn't expect them both to come available in the same week. Guess I'll get comfortable on the couch and read.

Which I did.

Today (Saturday), while the sanding was going on, I left to run about a million errands, dragging my sister along with me, foremost of which was to the Lowe's about 45 minutes away to look at the birch bead board paneling. I had already decided against it but one look confirmed my decision. It didn't look nearly as good as the picture, not as light or light grained and they didn't have the pine (and I haven't been able to find it on their website either though Leonard tells me they do have it). I also looked at and talked to the woman at the desk about doors. Another agonizing decision I have to make. I need to replace two doors, one imminently; the other I'll probably put off forever as the problem with it is only cosmetic, some veneer coming loose on the inside. The door into the little backyard sustained more damage even though it sat in the same water as the door to the garage. Both doors are plain jane solid core slab wood doors with veneer on both sides, the kind of door no one recommends for exterior use these days. Mine seem to have functioned just fine for a long time if original, the house is about 60 years old. My other objects of acquisition were a new toilet seat, successful, and a new hand cart/dolly, unsuccessful.

We did make one stop on the way at the big garden center there in Richmond so I could get some wildflower seeds, which must be planted now, and failed in that respect so I bought some sweet pea seeds instead which also need to be planted in the fall. After Lowe's we headed for Shopping Mecca in Rosenberg which is sort of on the way back. We did have to do some backtracking but I tried to keep it at a minimum. Target for several items but only scored one out of three (warm fuzzy socks); Spec's, the liquor warehouse (stock up for Saturday margarita nights); a stop for lunch at Panera; Kroger for Rice Dream and a few other specific items; (backtrack) Penney's for long sleeve shirts (fail) and shower curtain hangers (so mundane and because I forgot them at Target); Michael's for magnets (only two on the new shower liner and I had run out of money so my sister bought them), then home.

So home, the garage door is down which I thought odd but I lifted it and opened the door into house and realized my error when I pulled down the paper they had so carefully taped up to protect stuff.



  1. Oh, fudge. Duplicate of last two or three paragraphs. You're working too hard. Other than that, all is well.

  2. You're really making me wish I had flood insurance. I can't wait to see the finished results.

  3. hard to get it all done.The grand finale was coming in the wrong door, I am sure there were some choice words said.LOL

  4. I wish I had your strength and drive. Guess I need amphetamines. Picking out things when they have to be done is awful for me. I can't decide then usually just get something to be done.

  5. Hope the damage can be repaired. Looks like a big project and I am sure you are looking forward to the end. You have an artist's eye, so that will mean a happy ending.

  6. All that shopping - my worst nightmare! I don't like to go to more than two stores in a day :)

  7. It's always so chaotic when construction is going on! You certainly got a lot done, or at least attempted!

  8. Keep looking towards the end of all that work!! We had a flood in our house and lived in the basement while the work was done. It was wonderful when it was finally over!!

  9. You are like the everreadybunny. I think the wisest decision in this whole thing - is the Saturday night margarita. By then you're going to need one!

    1. ha! I did pretty much take the day off today. visited my friend Caroline and then it rained.


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