Friday, May 12, 2017

because apparently working out in the yard and going to yoga doesn't get me tired enough

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I think I figured out where I went wrong. I had been so good about doing my 5 sun salutations a day for well over a year. Then I discovered a regular yoga class was available and started going twice a week, which I am very good about, and I started thinking that because I was going to do yoga later on those days, I didn't need to do my routine at home in the morning. And once I stopped doing it two days a week in the morning it was easy to forget on other days. Sleeping til 8 or later which I seem to be doing lately doesn't help when the day is demanding attention. So I'm trying to get back to every day even if it's nothing more than the basic 5 even if it is class days. I'm managing about 4 out of 7 but this week I did something different.

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Two of the regulars at yoga have been doing the kick boxing class held at the same place on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as yoga and they've been cajoling me to come try it so I finally relented and went last Tuesday. It's stretching and then warm up with calisthenics the jumping jacks about did me in and holding plank and push-ups and the like and then more of the same with weights. He was handing me the 2 lb weights while everyone else was getting 8s so I reached for the 5s. It hasn't been that long since I stopped working out at the gym and even the 8s would have been fine. And then, finally the boxing part.

Everyone there is, of course, younger than me by at least a decade or more and the cute young man who teaches the class, when he was helping me get boxing gloves on, asked if he could respectfully ask how old I was.

67”, I told him.

Oh, my mom's age”, he says.

So we partnered up and took turns giving or absorbing (with big pads) blows...left jab, right hook, then quick blows in succession, then he added a round house left hook, then a right side kick and by the time he added in the left knee, I was tired and having a hard time remembering the whole sequence. But it was fun and I'd think about doing it on a more or less regular basis except for the fact that I already drive into El Campo twice a week and this would make 3 times a week and depending on what day, three days in a row. And the cost. It's a $15 drop in for an hour. I'm not saying the cost isn't worth it but it's a little pricy for me every week combined with the yoga.

But my first two weeks are free so I plan on going one more time at least.


  1. I tried the kick boxing. There is a chair yoga at the Y I go to I keep saying I should check it out. I do cardio core classes in the warm water which I really like, it limbers me up good.I also lap swim.

  2. I adore you. I have a blister on my big toe from walking on the beach today. Also? I'm ready for a nap.

  3. One hour of physical therapy today and I'm knackered. Not even a creme donut could cheer me up.

  4. You. Are. Amazing. Can't even imagine kick boxing - of course it's entirely impossible right now, but even when I was young I had NO BALANCE. Piano lessons instead of dance - doomed me. Ha!

  5. Oh my goodness... We do the same kind of workouts.Every morning I do yoga on my apartment building's roof and I take 4 out 5( which the coach ddoesn't like)classes of kick box a week. Now they told me I have to do weights... This has happened gradually, while I was trying to recover from a back injury... First it was yoga and stair climbing, then running, then kick box. It's not the best solution for back issues, but I am getting stronger... I never thought that one day I would be so active... It's a blessing!
    Give yourself a treat and take the class, but remember to go slow! Lots of love!


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