Monday, May 8, 2017


At first it was one tomato, then two tomato. Then three tomato, four. Five tomato, six tomato, seven tomato, more! There are so many! I skinned and cut up and froze 18 or 19 of various sizes, have given 8 away, have 13 on my window sill, and that's not even counting the ones we have eaten.

and then I picked 14 more...

and my first potatoes!

One of the plants had died back so I dug down about 6” and gathered these. I'm sure there are more deeper but the surrounding plants are still green if starting to look a little the worse for wear so I'll wait a little longer before digging up the rest. 

Also banana peppers and zucchini are being picked.

And now the okra is sprouting and the green beans are sprouting but the onions, well, let's just say I won't be getting any onions this year, still not growing.

Just call me Farmer Jane.


  1. Your very hard work is paying off. Hurray!

  2. So nice to know good things are happening in this world Yes, all that shoveling is paying off. Good job!

  3. Just took a hog in and looking forward to some bacon to place with those tomatoes

  4. If only tomatoes and other garden items would grow so that only a few ripened throughtout the year instead of all at one time.

  5. What a haul! My plants have just begun and are about four inches high. We don't get tomatoes till mid-July.

  6. Well, farmer Jane, that is what I would call a haul!
    And now the eating...ahh

  7. Ooh - your tomotoes are lovely! Mike got a tomato plant for our deck, so hopefully we'll have some in a month or so.

  8. I often hear of this problem with tomatoes -- that gardeners wind up with crazy amounts of them -- but we've never been able to achieve that result here. I think we're too far north and too chilly. What happened to your onions? Weird.

  9. Oh, gosh. This means it's time for me to start looking around for tomatoes here. "My" farmer may have them, too. Yours are beautiful. I love tomatoes, and I especially like bacon/tomato sandwiches. We're moving from spring into the "yum" season.


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