Friday, May 26, 2017

potato potato tomato

I dug up all my potatoes yesterday. At least I think I got all of them, about a five gallon and a half bucket full all told. Then I brushed off as much dirt as I could and laid them on hay two layers deep in little perforated baskets and stashed them on the bottom shelf of the pantry, the coolest darkest place in the house.

Most of them were just regular potato shaped but some were quite...different. Like this little piggy

and rubber ducky

and I don't know what this is, a walrus maybe?

The tomatoes are almost done with their first wave, harvesting is dwindling though you couldn't tell from yesterday's gather. 

The plants are still setting fruit though at a much reduced rate. As soon as the nights get consistently above 75˚ and the days consistently above 85˚ - 90˚, they will stop setting fruit at all.


  1. I just came in from my garden where I pulled the rest of my potatoes and planted edamames and picked cucumbers and green beans. I have to get out the canning kettle. Pickles are inevitable.

  2. Good crop of taters. Will you eat them? We put them in fridge and forgot about them. Won't do it this year. Will they stay good under the cabinet for long? I know our onions do. I have a few jalapeños and tomato flowers and flowers on the cukes. That's it. They are calling for tornadoes and grapefruit sized hail tomorrow. Sure hope not for my truck and gardens' sake.

    1. we plan to and I hope so. I'm going to cook some potato dishes and freeze them for future consumption.

  3. Good Haul!! Wow got my first ripe tomato today the vines are wilting on the potato plants so it may be time to dig we had a lot of rain this week so I'm gonna wait for it to dry out a bit.

  4. There's something about vegetable and fruit photography, I love it. I can almost smell those tomatoes.
    I love the way you put the potatoes away, that's the way my Grandma always did it.

  5. My early girl tomato produced it's first green tomato this week. I was thrilled. You are so fortunate to have such a long growing season.

  6. We planted potatoes in the children's garden which we harvest for the food pantry. I have never done this, so timing the potatoes to the tomatoes...which are nowhere near ready here. No blossoms even.


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