Wednesday, November 11, 2015

same song, different verse

I've been busy and fairly single minded. Still working on these waxes and small castings. I haven't heard from our glass blowing friends about whether or not there will be an open house in December. When I spoke to Kathy weeks ago she was uncertain. They still had not been able to get in the studio and turn the furnace on. They haven't quite emerged from the turmoil that has been their lives for the last couple of years. A fellow glass artist who also participates says they are planning it though so I'm trying to see what I can get done in the way of small castings between now and then. Not much time though, 22 days. And still no funding on the small animal hospital job but they did send me some new images.

Because of the above, I haven't had time to post much and this isn't much of a post so I'll pad it with some miscellaneous pictures.

 green lacewing eggs on the glass of the storm door to the Little Backyard

 bumblebee foraging in a confederate rose

 the totems illuminated up by the rising sun

 green frog on the storm door to the Little Backyard

 the dog thinks shoulders and arms are for standing on

I've been chasing wrens out of the house lately

 the magnolia bud and baby seed pod casting, cleaned, finished, and ready to be affixed to the wax leaves

 the spring iris are emerging and this one speared a maple leaf

the yellow butterfly ginger liked the rain


  1. Oh, that picture of the dog! Well, I love all of your pictures here. The castings are gorgeous.
    Carry on, my dear! Thanks for the peek.

  2. oh, laughing at that pup! good luck on the work!

  3. Excellent pictures, every one. That Minnie - so hilarious! She reminds me a bit of the dog from The Mask - you're better keep your eye on her!

  4. Marvelous Minnie! Early sunlight and beautiful blooms. Thanks for taking time to share~

  5. I love that picture of Minnie. So funny. King (or Queen) of the Hill!

  6. Minnie is a different take from a lap dog. The insect eggs are unique, I have never seen anything like them.

  7. I like all your pictures but those totems are outstanding.

  8. Even in Texas, isn't it too early for wrens to be scouting nesting crannies?

  9. Intriguing pictures - especially the symmetry of the lacewing eggs.

  10. Wow.. those eggs are fascinating. What beauty there is in nature. And shoulder pooch is a hoot.


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