Saturday, November 14, 2015

a loud pop is not what I wanted to hear

I don't know if I've mentioned that I have been going to a yoga class twice a week. Not the same one as the first part of this past summer. That was Rose but since her husband was going to school at U of H, they moved to Houston. The class I've been going to is in El Campo which is about 15 miles further down the highway. It took me a while to get used to Abby's style and particularly because she ends each class with a christian prayer. Personally, I prefer silent meditation and thanks for our blessings, not being a christian, so I've learned to tune that part out while I think my own thoughts.

Abby teaches in a very small gym, only three machines, a set of weights, and boxing stuff. She has a sling that hangs from the ceiling and she does some work in the sling though not as part of the class. Except for the last two classes. Actually, before class. Last Monday, she showed us how to do a split in the sling by supporting your weight with the handles and your arms. I didn't try it but one of the younger women in the class did. And then on Wednesday, Abby asked if anyone wanted to work on their backbend in the sling and showed us how to do that so I figured I would try it out.

The back bend was no big deal but then I wanted to try the split so I got in position and stretched my right leg out in front, no problem. Then I switched and put my left leg out in front, and just as I was flexing to pull myself up and out of the split, I heard a loud pop and felt a sharp pain. Needless to say, I did no yoga that night.

Once home and consulting the All Knowing Oracle, I learned I have a torn hamstring. So for the last three days (and through the weekend) I have been RICEing it (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and for as loud as the pop was, it really hasn't been painful since that first night. I can walk OK with no pain as long as I don't overdo it or get twisty. Even so, I have been using a crutch or a cane to assist to keep my weight off of it and I guess I have weeks, maybe a couple of months of recovery and strengthening ahead of me.

I got no sympathy from my daughter who called me a show off.

Well, one good thing, it has kept me working on models which is good since I heard from our glass blowing friends that yes, indeed, the open house is going on.

Currently working on this one.


  1. Oh honey. Yes. Do the RICE thing. Be patient with yourself. It will heal. But it takes time.

  2. Ooh love the little dude! And LOL at your daughter - I was more impressed that you were trying to do it than she was :) Hope it heals faster than you expect!

  3. No, that's not what you want to hear. I, too, am impressed that you attempted the "move." Rest, ice, and time you can do because those are better options than medical intervention. You've got enough to keep you busy, and you'll be back in the yoga studio before you know it. Take care of yourself.

  4. Hamstring injuries are no fun. And they take so long to completely heal. I'm glad you are keeping busy with work while RICEing (I wanted to type that because it sounds so clever).

  5. Oh, yikes. Thank goodness your walking isn't completely impaired (though the crutches sound like a good idea).

  6. I feel your pain--literally.
    The gallery asked me, when I'm back in business, to make some of those silly little yoga wraps. That kind of yoga sounds OK.

  7. How really annoying, that hamstring. At least it went with a little drama.
    And even though I'm sure you'd un-do that moment if you could, good for you for giving that maneuver a try!

  8. You are far more flexible than I could ever be. Not sure why a caution was not given for this or some pre-training to ease one into the position? Love the gingko leaves.


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