Friday, November 20, 2015

pretty in pink

I plan to fill molds today, the lizard with ginkgo leaves for sure and maybe one or more of the magnolia leaves. I filled the little bee mold yesterday that I want to cast as an inclusion in another flower piece similar to the one I did last year but halfway through I managed to break a piece of the mold. First time ever that I have done that. Or maybe second. I went ahead and finished it and we will fire it because I am eternally optimistic. That loose piece of plaster is going to stay in place and not float around and ruin the bee. Or not.

Apparently I didn't take a picture of the finished model of the lizard.

I think I'm going to start on the next body of work after I finish these little pieces for the open house which I have been referring to as '9x9' (unless of course the small animal hospital job funding comes through in which case it will be a couple of months before I get back to it). I was thinking 9 groups of 9 with a common theme like feathers or the moon or fungi. I've reconsidered that whole idea since it took me almost three years to finish the 20 botanicas. Whatever gods that be only know how long it would take me to do 81 pieces! So now I'm thinking I will do much smaller groupings, like 3, 4 or 6, and maybe not even 9 sets.

So this is what is going on around here this week and what the title refers to.

The only other thing I've been doing besides model making and filling molds is simultaneously trying to ignore the bigots and confront them with their bigotry at the same time. More on that later. Maybe.

Oh! One other thing. I did go to the doctor about my torn hamstring and he examined me and nothing he did produced any pain and his recommendation was just to go about my business as usual, no physical therapy, and if I do something that causes it to hurt then to stop doing that thing. So I went to yoga class Wednesday and made it through the whole session with no problem. He did say it would take 6 weeks to heal properly and probably a year to regain it's former strength.


  1. Whatever comes out of your plans, 9 x 9, or whatever......may it be so. And yes, you did have some pretties in pink for sure. Love what you do and how you do it. Always a treat. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. I'm glad you're not hindered by your injury! I do trust you stayed out of the sling, though, right? :)

  3. Beautiful sky. This afternoon I saw a rainbow cloud, probably the low sun through the prisim of ice in the cloud. I've never seen such a thing before.

  4. glad it is better than expected! love the pink sunset.

  5. So there’s still plenty of work and, more importantly, plenty of splendid ideas.

    Pretty in pink indeed. I hope you’ll continue to be fine. No particular treatment also means no extra outlay? Can only e good.

    Shame about the enforced religiosity at the end of your yoga class.

  6. Will be interesting to see what you have to say about the bigots and their bigotry. I 'll bet I know exactly what you are referring to. Makes me absolutely sick. And ashamed. Good that your art keeps you busy.

  7. I am steering clear of politics on Facebook these days. It may be cowardly of me, but I just don't see the benefit of wading into it. It will just stress me out!

    Love the blooming bromeliads.

  8. You heal well, evidently. The political crazies are frightening. I've seen some of your comments on FB and tend to agree with all that you have to say. F-bombs and all. ;)

  9. It would be grand to get to see the finished bee!

    And that last picture is a miracle in pink!


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