Monday, November 23, 2015

molds and heat (and I ain't talking about the kiln or the weather)

Spent Friday and Sunday over in the shop messing with molds. Got the lizard piece filled and it and the bee went in the kiln Friday evening and got two of the magnolia leaf molds filled. Headed over to get the last one done later. They'll go in the kiln in a day or so. 

Saturday, of course, was my day of forced inactivity and human interaction at the antique store and I was stuck there all day with no internet! Managed to live through it anyway.

The only other thing that is happening around here is that the puppy is in heat. She does not understand why she is no longer a free range puppy, not allowed out in the big yard or the big wide world without being on a leash. She thinks she has been a bad puppy though I tell her often she is a good girl. And while she stuck to me like glue previously, now she is very clingy. OK, this too shall pass. I wasn't expecting this to happen for at least another 6 – 8 weeks as she is only about 7 1/2 months old but the day after I called to make the appointment with the vet to get her fixed a week ago (and they didn't have an opening until mid-December), she started bleeding. Great. Apparently it can happen starting around 7 months and little dogs tend to come into heat sooner than big dogs.

I have been letting her run free in the acre and a half over at the shop because that yard is fenced but yesterday she kept going over to the side with our neighbor who has three big dogs and getting them all riled up so I finally put her on the leash and clamped it to the table where I was working. The last thing I need is for Cary's dogs to find a way in the yard. As it happened, it was a good thing I had her on the leash because a little while later, a small black dog came to the gate and started barking like mad. Minnie stood up, strained at her leash and trembled (and I'm pretty sure it wasn't with fear) while she barked like mad back. Dog can't get in, right, so I didn't pay much attention. Next time I looked up the little would-be fucker was trying to squeeze his way through the gap between the gate and the post where it was bent and he was halfway through!

Oh no! Oh HELL no!

I charged down the drive at that little dog as he struggled to free himself and run off and I think I pulled a muscle in the same leg cause now I have an ache in the back of my thigh and butt.

Well, just had to chase that little fucker off again. Fuck. Now I can't let her out in the fenced Little Backyard at home unattended either. Poor thing. Guess I'll have to get a longer leash so she can sit out in the sun while I work over at the shop.

Ma!  Let me out!  My boyfriend is here!


  1. I remember once we had a rather large pitbull and when she went into heat, every dog in town made it over to our house. One little guy kept coming back with leashes and ropes that he'd broken. He was tiny compared to our female but Lord, he was determined.
    Good luck. You are going to need it.

  2. oh dear, that is not so good. There is a leash law here so dogs even if they are compelled to sow oats , can not. Though lately I have been seeing way too many notices of lost/escaped/stolen dogs. How does that happen, unless the humans are extremely negligent. Dexter was always on leash, therefore I was also! Good luck with your randy little pooch, poor thing.

  3. We had a rescue cat come into heat sooner than expected, and way before her appointment. All the neutered boy cats sat in a circle around her and sympathized.

  4. I love following the process of your creations. I hope the pooch settles down and remains affectionate but less clingy.

  5. I feel bad for laughing at Minnie's distress, but there you are :)

    That top picture looks like pie to me - apple pie!

  6. Ah, the urges of youth. I almost remember them.


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