Friday, November 27, 2015

taking a breath

What day is this?

It's crunch time here and the pressure is on. And throwing a holiday in the middle of it wasn't helping.

The magnolia leaves are in the kiln, the little bee cast well enough to use (the broken plaster bit stayed in place!) and I did the finish work on it and got it stuck in the wax flower (which btw, remind me never to do again since it was NOT less work or easier and took way more time), the lizard with ginkgo leaves came out great and I've started on the finish work, the day lily mold is on the back burner as I need to order some frit for it, I cut a stencil for a door panel for a wine room with a simple grape design and need to get in the shop and clean it up and seal it as the guy is coming for it today, been taking the puppy for more walks since she is not allowed out except on a leash and two chihuahuas that live down the street are as determined to get to her as she is to let them. I still have to finish the wax flower and get it sprued up and ready for it's mold though since the open house starts next Friday, there is no way it can be finished in time but it won't stop me from trying. And I'm driving into the city later today to pick up all three grandgirls to spend the weekend (we could have brought them home with us except the twins have to work today).

 got the grinding of excess glass done, still need to do the finish work on the surface

Minnie's would-be little fuckers

And then there was Thanksgiving. My daughter hosted the family at her house again this year. I got up yesterday morning and started peeling potatoes while I had my coffee. My contribution to the meal was scalloped potatoes and the family recipe for dressing which took nearly all damn day. Didn't get the dressing in the oven until just before 3PM. Had my lunch, walked the dog, cleaned up the kitchen, packed up the food, and napped a little on the drive in. We had dinner late as the grandboy didn't get off work til 6. Got to have a long visit with the Boy and DIL whom we don't see very often and I didn't take a single picture but it was so nice to have the whole family together sitting around one table.

What I haven't been doing is having time to visit my friends in blogland and keeping up with y'all. And that's not likely to change this next week as I get ready for the Open House so I'll just have to catch up with everyone downstream.

orange cosmos and rose in the side garden


  1. And we'll be here, floating along, happy to see you.
    That's all I have to say about that.

  2. A good holiday, that's for sure. And here I am bemoaning everythng I cannot do, like throw a shuttle. All around the end will come and we'll be back to normal.

  3. I love the way the head of the lizard extends over the edge of the piece. That was no doubt a challenge to pull off.

  4. I had pink cosmos grow over 7ft this year. Nice to have the blooms, it is cold and bleary here.

  5. I know what it's like to not be able to visit the blogs much. Worry not. Family and work comes first. And your work, as always, is lovely.

  6. Amazing how doing just two dishes is nearly as time-consuming as cooking a whole meal! Maybe you'd normally be doing other things concurrently...? Those are some impressive cosmos. Ours are all dead.

  7. I marvel at your energy. It's nice that your whole family was together for dinner.

  8. I haven't been in blog-land much either - I'm the Crochet Queen these days (and packing for our cruise - we leave on SATURDAY!!).

    I'm just sitting here giggling like a 12 year old boy at "Minnie's would-be little fuckers" - hahahaha!


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